Daniel Hidalgo
2022-01-19 07:37:32

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If you want to know how to use elemental wards in Nobody Saves the World, just read on because we've got you covered here.

  What are the elemental wards in Nobody Saves the World?

It is a type of protection that some enemies can count on, in fact you will realize that it does have it when you hear a metallic noise when attacking it and the attack will not do any damage. It is undoubtedly a great advantage, so knowing how to use this protection is very helpful.

How to use elemental Wards in Nobody Saves the World?

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Enemies with elemental wards are invulnerable to all attacks except those that match their ward's element. You'll almost always know which ward the enemy is by checking the icon above their life bar.

  • The hammer icon indicates that the Ward is Blunt
  • The sword icon corresponds to the sharp protection
  • The icon with a dark cloud and a crescent moon indicates that the protection is Dark
  • The icon of a bright yellow cloud with stars indicates that the protection is Light Ward.

When you identify the enemy's protection, you will have to use an attack that matches said protection, until you manage to break it. They will almost never restore it unless they have the ability to do so and if they do you will have to destroy it again to continue attacking.

You will be able to know the type of protection of the enemy before entering a dungeon, if you go to the entrance of it or by hovering over a dungeon on the map to see the icons that indicate that it will be in it.

 That's all you need to know about how to use elemental wards in Nobody Saves the World, so now that we've reached the end of this article, we hope you have a good understanding of how wards work.