Edelmira Leon
2022-01-23 19:47:12

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If you want to know how to earn more stars on Nobody Saves the World, this article will give you everything you need to know.

What are the stars in Nobody Saves the World?

Stars are a very important element to progress in the game, since they will allow you to access the different dungeons of the game. The amount of stars needed will increase as you progress in the game, so knowing how to earn more stars will become more important and we will show you how easy it is to get them.

How to earn more stars in Nobody Saves the World?

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Stars can be obtained by completing missions and for each one you complete you can get from one to two stars, but you can find out exactly how many stars you will get upon completion by consulting the mission menu to find the details of each mission. The good thing is that each form has its own set of missions composed of simple tasks.

The missions will also help you level up your forms and get new ones.

You will also be able to get a couple of stars for each completed dungeon.

But if you want to make things faster for yourself, you can buy them from merchants found throughout the game for $500 each, but they are available in very small quantities. However, the best way to get stars is still to complete quests.

That's all you need to know about how to earn more stars in Nobody Saves the World, so now that we've reached the end, we hope you can get as many stars as possible in the best possible way for you.