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Ninjala: How to get more IPPON (Scoring points)

2020-05-08 10:24:10

In the Ninjala universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get more IPPON and here we will get the precise details.

What to know about the IPPON points in Ninjala?

The basis of success in this game becomes the obtaining of the points and more if we are able to reach the maximum, by hitting our enemies and if we manage to get a KO, the amount will be greater, so it is ideal. How to get more breakpoints, how to get more weight from being difficult it is possible to write them down, to support contacts with the content of this guide, let's see below.

How to get more IPPON in Ninjala?

We are going to find some ways to obtain the IPPON points, this always happens at the moment of a game, one of the options is presented when stopping an opponent, in order for us to make a stop between an enemy we have to hit his basic attack against another at the same instantaneous, when doing it, a different fight occurs, when facing it, it is necessary that we knock it down to win, in this way we get an Ippon, now the other way we are going to have, is to have our rubber punches or rubber break and then KOing To the enemy, we must only make an invocation of a chewing gum witch, where with this we are going to attack our enemy, their attacks are going to bind him and to top it off we have some simple attacks, when you hit the short one it is covered in chewing gum, It is when we will earn the IPPON points, which forces us to attack it and achieve a KO when they are tied, otherwise we will not get the point.

To get an IPPO the Gum Break is going to grant us one, the destruction of a chewing gum is possible at the time of the destruction of the protective bubble that is in front of them, when carrying out an attack with the Gum Break, this at the time of that our opponent is tied with the gum, making any attack, the IPPON will be ours if we achieve the KO.

This way we finish our Ninjala guide, now you know how to get more IPPON, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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Action, Strategy, tactical shooter
Riot Games
Riot Games
Unreal Engine
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