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Today we bring you a Ninjala guide where we will explain how to stop attacks explicitly.

In Ninjala we will have the opportunity to parry attacks of our opponents in a fight, only the operation of this mechanic is not similar to others, this is possible when we are in some situations, so it is necessary that we discover how to parry attacks and The support to achieve this will be in this guide.

What to know about attacks in Ninjala?

The game situation in which we can carry out the movement of stopping attacks, occurs at the moment when our opponent agrees with us in carrying out a basic attack, at this moment there is a clash on our side and where we will be at a standstill, when this happens we can execute other movements, more details below, just follow the reading.

How to stop attacks on Ninjala?

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The time for us to come to our opponent is very short, so executing attacks in the series will be the best opportunity, for them it is necessary that we have the right angle as an advantage to win fighting, for this we will press up, down, left or right, when winning in the confrontation, our opponent will be placed in the part behind our opponent, where he will hit him with a single attack, causing him to be shot through the air and we will have time to carry out serial attacks .

The term that will be the winner will get an IPPON, which serves to earn an additional score to what is received when making a blow to any opponent or even by a KO, this class of points can be victorious, to be able to make A stop against our opponent will be what is directly related to a good one directly.

Finally, now that we know how to parry attacks, we may go ahead with Ninjala.

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