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Warframe: Where to Find Prosecutors - Tips and tricks

2020-01-15 11:01:23

El tema de este artículo se centrará en la solución que nos ayudará a saber dónde encontrar fiscales en Warframe.

En Warframe tenemos que los fiscales son una especie de enemigo de élite de la guardia, que podemos encontrar junto con los archivos de los Astilleros Grineer en Ceres, es posible pensar que son los guardias normales, estos fueron aumentados por el consejero Vay Hek, donde representan un mayor peligro que sus propios aliados, la respuesta de dónde encontrar a los fiscales la tendencia en los niveles de los Astilleros cuando se dan cuenta de la alarma, los detalles precisos vienen a continuación.

¿Dónde encontrar fiscales en Warframe?

En los siguientes nodos de Ceres encontraremos las misiones de Grineer Shipyard:

+ Seimeni - Defensa del Sector Oscuro 

+ Pallas - Exterminado 

+ Ludi - Secuestro 

+ Lex: captura 

+ Kiste - Defensa móvil 

+ Ker - Sabotaje 

+ Cinxia - Intercepción 

+ Casta - Defensa 

+ Bode - Spy

In Lex we have the best chance to cultivate the guards and prosecutors, this mission capture is the most ideal place to hunt them for Cephalon Simaris, once the alarm has been activated we must eliminate all the guards that more easily and thus quickly leave the prosecutors.

What are the types of prosecutors on Destiny 2?

We have several types of prosecutors, which are 4 and cause different damage, they are heat, cold, toxin and electric, to cause damage, we have the same type of elements that these have, they are affected with a resistance and also the enemies are polished with the same effect, the slashes are effective against all prosecutors, but without it being as much the damage as with the correct element, these have melee attacks that are powerful, blocking our attacks and stun us, it's important that we have bar damage weapons in our equipment to eliminate them, instead of thinking about the elements of these, the modification of our weapons will be vital to the base damage you are causing them to be higher and so we will not have difficulty in defeating them, we may use Escalibur or Inaros, Radial Blind and Desiccation to end the attacks and open the prosecutors.

Thus we end the explanation of this article, in which we focus on where to find prosecutors in Warframe, hopefully this article will help in achieving this goal.

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March 25, 2013

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