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Minecraft: Village Seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+

2020-01-15 10:38:41

In this guide we will have the detailed explanation regarding the village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+ in Minecraft

We have that in Minecraft are included great options of world with the villages, thus managing to begin a world, being these Bedrock and Java for both, in any platform we are going to find something that they thank us, the seeds of village for 1.14+ and 1.15+ they begin to make our game simpler, so to have a league to begin and merchant we will have more details about it from here on.

How to use the key locations in Minecraft?

To be able to go to one of the places that are in, we can teleport, for it we copy the numbers that are located next to the place that we want to visit, entering this way in our game and in the seeds of village for 1.14+ and 1.15+ in this case, what entered later is that we have to write " teleport @s" and meters the numbers, then when pressing the enter we will be sent to the place that we chose.

What can we know about the patches in Minecraft?

At this moment we have the option to use the seeds that are from previous patches, only that is different in something to the sample, it is good to have that option in mind to try, for the details of the village seeds for 1.14 + and 1.15+ are ahead.

What do we need to know about the seed list in Minecraft?

The quality we can locate in the screenshots, have the Minecraft Shader installed, if we want to find the village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+ let's keep our attention to the content of this guide.

The list of villages is as follows:

+ Incredible mountain village

+ Badlands and Giant Tree Taiga - Desert Village

+ Desert Village and much more

+ Village Island

+ Mountain village with monster spawning

+ Snow Village

What are village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+ in Minecraft?

+ Amazing mountain village (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Credit: Fredrick_Zelder - Seed: -1400738501

We have one of the village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+ e If this is our start up option for our next world, it has unique arrangements not seen before, at the top of the mountains you can see lots of buildings, we even have an extra village nearby which has its forts buried deep inside, our taste will depend on where we start, if we like our biomass it is perfect that it starts from the vicinity of a large swamp in diameters and in our exploration we will find an Ice Spikes biome near the village of Stronghold.

- + Key locations

Ice spike biome: 1448 92-908

Fortress: 948 24 -825

Village with the fortress below: 990 68 -825

Village of the Taiga: 165 66585

Mountain village: 943 78 -1104

       + Badlands and Giant Tree Taiga - Desert Village (Bedrock - 1.15+)

Credit: TelepathicGrunt - Seed: -954871915

This is a desert town, which has more than 1.15 years of existence, has a good size of the area, is located between a biome of Taiga of wastelands or large trees, is very nice, it is possible that we find diamonds that are located in a ravine, not so far, we also have access to an oceanic ruin, places of looting and a town that is enchanted.

- + Key places

Ravine c exposed diamond: 330 14 -553

Enchanted village: -644 63 226

Pillage station: -584 77154

Village of the desert: 910 69 139

Ocean Ruins: 20 69 

   + Desert Village and much more (Bedrock - 1.14+)

Credit: Dodriofan480 - Seed: 1961838222

He's among the village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+, we find many different things that can suffer around us, we can investigate, exactly next to the seed we have that there is a spawner that allows us to put in place a monster xp mill, in the wooded area we are going to get us a cave, once we go down we have a nature trail and we will be directly in this one, finding another spawning ground that allows us to raise monsters, we will also be directly to diamonds of the ravines that are many by the way, which will help us to make our exploration start well, in one of this ravine is a pyramid and beyond a village of the desert of great proportions in size, if we want even a village of savannah will find.              

+key places

Largest ravine with exposed diamond (multiple points): 426 12-371

Ravine with exposed diamond: 690 14-87

Monster spawning: 390 44 16

Village of the desert: 535 66 522

Entrance to the monster spawners' cave: 414 60-25

Small Ravine c Diamond Fence: 297 11-441

Pyramid of the Desert: 379 71 -354

Pillage station: 668 68205

Pyramid of the Desert: 251 67 878

Savannah Village: 185 69962

Second entrance to the monster spawners' cave: 615 64 25

Second monster spawning: 615 39 14

+ Village Island (Java - 1.14+)

Credit: Ph3nomen0N - Seed: -772124751310384583

We talked in this one, one of the village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+ in Minecraft, we have that it is a great island with a village that is attached, it is impressive, we can make here the construction of new houses, which coincide with those of the neighborhood, if it is not of our pleasure also we have the desert that is not so far from here, finding us with a temple and town, it is not a normal town, in the middle of this we have that there is a cave, if we explore it we are going to accede to a dungeon spawning ground, there is near also, of this place another great town in the forest.

- Key places

Desert Village w Dungeon Spawner: -650 64 570

Forest Village: -740 70212

Temple of the Desert: -307 783 554

  +Mountain Village c Monster Spawner (Foundations - 1.14+)

Credit: DarkAgeOutlaw - Seed: -1231267014

It consists of a farm inside a cave and there is a spawning monster next to it, we have that in the mobile version of Minecraft, we are going to find a waterfall, which passes by the house of one of the villagers, even not far away we have that it exists until a zombie village, it will be interesting to make several explorations in this seed.

- Key places

Monster spawning: -266 71-242

Another big town: -295 64 644

Big village: -310 67-1136

Zombie Village: 180 83-310

Mountain village: -250 72-209

 + Snow Village c Igloos (Roca - 1.15+)

Credit: The_Spartan300 - Seed: 2001039901

The snow is in most places in that seed, where the village is near an igloo next to the spawning exactly, also, we have that there are diamonds in a ravine which we can explore, there is a mine shaft and a dungeon spawning ground, there is another additional snow village that we can find and another ravine is this snowy area.

- Key places

Shallow ravine: 730 45 338

Spawning of dungeons in the ravine: 871 17 -2

Huge Ravine with Diamond Exposed: 906 17 14

Mine in Barranco: 911 18-3

Snow Village c Iglúes: 917 74143

Second Snow Village: 934 73 654

With this we end this explanation presented by our guide, where we focus it on the village seeds for 1.14+ and 1.15+ in Minecraft, we want the readers to find in this content the expected answers once the reading is done.
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