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2022-01-05 05:42:41

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If you still don't know where to find ducats in Warframe then pay attention, because in order for you to start the year in the right way we will tell you where to find them.

What are ducats in Warframe?

They are the special currency of the game Warframe, with which you can trade with Baro Ki'Teer, who also accepts credits. So as you may guess, it is important to know where to find ducats.

Where to find ducats in Warframe?

Obtaining ducats is centered around finding relics, quest rewards and farming.

To obtain relics you will have to complete quests that offer them, such as Void Fissure quests. Precisely the Void Fissure missions are in the upper right corner of the Navigation screen, during these missions you will have to search for enemies with the golden energy field. These will drop Reactants, and you will have to collect 10 of these to open the Void Fissure Relic and get the items.
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    After this you will have to go to a Relay where you can find Baro Ki'Teer > look for the kiosks and interact with them to access a menu, from which you will be able to exchange their Prime pieces for Ducats. The price will depend on the rarity, but we recommend you to sell especially the pieces that you don't really need.

    If you want to increase the chances of obtaining relics, you will have to be part of a Radshare squad, which seek to improve the Radiant Relics, in addition to seeking to improve the rewards.

    You can also trade with other players from whom you can buy Ducats.

    Now that you know where to find ducats in Warframe, we hope you manage to get as many ducats as possible so you can buy everything you want.

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