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The Intel Xe GPUs as powerful as AMD and Nvidia

2019-08-21 20:39:36

We have prepared for you an article where we can identify the competition between the Intel Xe GPUs and AMD and Nvidia.

Why compete between Intel Xe GPUs against AMD and Nvidia?

Recall first that the designer of the graphics of Intel Xe GPUs is nothing more and nothing less than Raja Kudori, who is responsible for developing the Xe cards, this puts it at the center of the competition against AMD and Nvidia, to see which of the two manages to be the first in terms of graphics cards, which achieve high performance, so both competitors have been renewed to present their best product in the market and get to challenge the TRX 2080 Ti. It should be noted that in the case of AMD and Nvidia you need to approach a high level that is innovative or simply resort to costs that are more competitive for the market.

The hard work of Intel Xe GPUs as well as that of AMD and Nvidia.

It is important to highlight that there are games for mobile devices or Nintendo Switch, but few people are really interested in being able to spend at least 500 to 600 to acquire a graphics card, as this is the approximate cost of them, and that specifically clarifies the developer of Intel Xe GPUs, so it is likely that the strategy can be used in a couple of years, and be able to compete the stack to compete with AMD and Nvidia in the market.

On the other hand, the fact of creating the Intel Xe GPU cards gives us the idea that you want to appear in the mid-range market, and quickly approach the highest level, that does not mean that you will not stumble on the road with AMD and Nvidia, since they will be your biggest competitor. But at the beginning it will be able to penetrate with a medium-range graphics card and continue working on one of the highest potential, or at least that is what its creator has declared.

Perhaps the most relevant aspect in all this, is the mere idea that Intel is working hard to be able to keep the same role with AMD and Nvidia, since this has really become a threat in the technology market, since for a long time They have always been one step ahead, with a disadvantage that Intel can take advantage of and it is the high cost of the graphics cards, maybe there it could come off and maybe get it to lower the cost to remain in the world market.

As a result, we hope that Intel Xe GPU graphics cards will be released soon and will be able to penetrate or compete with AMD and Nvidia cards.