2019-02-05 02:25:44 > > The combat between PlayStation and Xbox does not stop. Which Console is the best?

Which one do you choose, the PS4 or the Xbox One? If you can and you have the monetary amount to pay the two videogame consoles, you would surely choose both, but if it is not, the most prudent thing is that you end up choosing some of them. both of them.

And since we know it's not an easy choice, we have a very detailed list of all the differences and similarities of both consoles, which you'll want to keep in mind when you choose to buy the PS4 or the Xbox.

It is more than clear that the PlayStation 4 took the lead in terms of sales to which we refer, although both have their own characteristics for and against, the improvement of this middle generation left us many things to think about.

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    We must bear in mind that the next generation of consoles, seeing the light, which are the Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5, could be in our hands in the year 2020. Not to be left behind in the world of consoles and in general Video games will have to choose between the PS4 and the Xbox One.

    At this time, the giant Sony has two different models of PS4, the thin standard version that can be played in HDR and, on the other hand, the most expensive, the PS4 Pro that allows you to play in 4K.

    And from the other end of the ring we find the Xbox One, which is already available to play in HD 4K compatible with Xbox One S, and the latest version, the Xbox One X, which not only makes a native game HDR 4K, but also in In some cases, play games at 60 frames per second.

    Therefore, if you have a 4K HDR TV, you should consider getting a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X to achieve maximum fidelity visually speaking of your games, in a console that allows you to get everything out of oneself. But if you are not lucky enough to have a screen with 4K quality, you can also play on a 1080p TV, with the Xbox One S or the PS4 Slim, which will cost much less.

    If we compare the prices of PS4 with respect to Xbox One, it seems that we fluctuate week after week, driven by falling prices and offers that come and go faster than portable PlayStation systems.

    And if perhaps the packages are very good for users, it is difficult to know the latest price data. So, when trying to reduce the noise, we have the most recent prices for these packages according to the console.

    Taking into account that the first versions of Xbox One and PS4 were announced in the same month, the improvements in the consoles have been inconsistent, which adds more uncertainty to the issue of Xbox One or PS4.

    The Xbox One X is the latest device with few offers currently available; On the other hand, the PS4 Pro is already two years old, so it is easier to obtain a considerably lower price.

    As for the hardware and design of the two gaming devices, both are available in two different versions, PlayStation 4 has a thin version and another 4K PS4 Pro, and the Xbox has the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X.

    The 2 devices have 2 separate hardware options that you can get right now if you want.

    Unlike before, when each console simply existed on its own and was established for an entire generation.

    The Xbox One S changed its design with respect to its sister, the original Xbox One, which significantly reduced the weight and eliminated the huge block of energy it had, putting an internal power supply.

    It also measures 11.6 x 8.9 x 2.5 inches, also has a Blu-ray player 4K Ultra-HD, even improves the games that are in 1080p passing them to 4K, as long as your TV has the ability to do so.

    The Xbox One X is a little heavier than its sister, the Xbox One S, however, is smaller than the original Xbox One, measures 30 x 23.9 x 6 centimeters and weighs approximately 3.8 kilograms, the console also has a source of internal energy. is the most powerful edition of the Xbox One, with 4K games and a 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray player.

    Something that does not even the PS4 Pro account.

    On the other hand, the PS4 Slim standard version of PS4, turns out to be the smallest of the main consoles available, measures 26.4 x 28.7 x 3.8 centimeters and serves as a PS4 reference. Not with high resolutions to 4K, not even in videos, but it will allow you to reproduce the entire repertoire of games available for PS4.

    Speaking of the PS4 Pro is the genuine 4K console, which came out before the Xbox One X, as it came out a year later.

    The PS4 Pro measures 32.5 x 29.4 x 5.3 centimeters. The PS4 Pro is relatively compatible, with the native 4K games, it does not have a Blu-Ray 4K Ultra-HD player, unlike the Microsft devices.

    As for Connectivity, the Xbox One does not allow updating the internal hard drive, unlike the PS4 in which you can do it.

    Both the Xbox One and the PS4 supports the use of external hard drives.

    The Xbox has more entries in the back.

    Depending on how you organize your game configuration, the connectivity of the console can be a valuable point.

    The Xbox One S as the X have identical ports, of which there are 2 HDMI ports on both consoles, another for cable or satellite receiver and one more for connection to the TV.

    Each one has 2 USB inputs, IR outputs, optical audio output, Ethernet ports, and of course the power cable (which is compatible with both versions of Xbox One).

    But not everything is good at all, because motivated to the rapid and tragic fall of Kinect, if you want to access Kinect with any of the versions of Xbox One, you'll have to make an adapter.

    The PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim have similar entries, but different at the same time.

    Each console has only 1 HDMI output, a single USB port on the back, 2 on the front side, 1 Ethernet port and the power input.

    The difference between Pro and Slim, is that the Pro has optical audio output. Yes, both versions of PS4 allow users to exchange the internal hard drive, with the console they want.

    Point in favor for both, the 2 versions of Xbox One and the 2 PS4 versions are compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11 ac and Gigabit Ethernet.

    On the PS4 and Xbox One there are few features on the front. There is a combined Blu-ray / DVD drive on the left side to play Ultra HD Blu-rays on the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, but their color logos appear muted on the right. PS4 has 2 USB ports between its halves that look like a sandwich, next to the disk drive.

    One point for Xbox was that Microsoft announced support for Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, so Xbox One can communicate with the line of personal assistants manufactured by Amazon or any other device enabled for Alexa. In the United States, Microsoft is giving free eco points in Xbox One packages.

    PS4 and Xbox One revolutionize their power with respect to their previous versions Xbox 360 and PS3. They were manufactured using more structured interior designs, taking into account the errors of the previous consoles

    AMD process chip maker is in charge of much of the

    updates Both the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S have a custom AMD 8-core 1.75 GHz CPU, while the Xbox One X has an 8-core 2.3 GHz chip.

    The basic PS4 CPU remained synchronized at 1.6 GHz and has an AMD 8-core CPU with the same architecture with an x86-bit architecture, while the PS4 Pro increases the clock speed up to 2.13 GHz.

    The original PS4 handles a 1.84 teraflop GPU based on AMD's Radeon technology. On the other hand, the original graphics chip of the Xbox One, likewise has an AMD Radeon GPU, had a pipe for 1.31 teraflops, but this only rose to 1.4 teraflops on the Xbox One S and nothing more and nothing less than 6.0 teraflops on the Xbox One X.

    On the other hand, the PS4 Pro has a GPU that has a remarkable increase of 4.2 teraflops in its graphic power.

    The PS4 as original consoles, has won in terms of gross power. Microsoft, with the announcement of the Xbox One X, upgraded itself to the rank of "the most powerful console" which belonged to Sony with its original PS4.

    RAM Even more controversial is the memory under the matt black covers of the consoles. We do not refer to the number of RAM they have. The two consoles are ready for tomorrow with their 8 GB of RAM used.

    The PS4 and PS4 Pro have a remarkable superiority, having an 8GB GDDR5 memory which is much faster,

    For its part both the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S took the same bandwidth being slower of the 8GB DDR3 variety.

    Both systems have 8 GB of RAM in general.

    Neither system allocates all its RAM to game developers, a few are destined to run their operating systems.

    PS4 allocates about 3.5GB of RAM to be able to run its operating system, leaving the developers 4.5GB of RAM out of the total of 8, which is what this says according to reports. Sometimes they can count on 1 GB of additional RAM when it is available, however, it is not in all cases.

    The memory destined for Xbox One for its developers is 5GB, a little higher than that destined by PS to its developers, this is because Microsoft's multilayer operating system occupies only 3GB of RAM.

    The Xbox One X, has 12GB of RAM, or really high contrast, so developers have 9GB of total RAM for their games, this is necessary, since the Xbox One X account has quality 4K game.

    The consoles that are currently on the market have a similar AMD architecture in the core, but they are totally different as apples and oranges when we refer to memory.

    The price of the PS4 about 4 years ago was $ 399 for its console and the DualShock 4 controller.

    The Xbox One had a price of $ 100 more, to give a final price of $ 499 for the console, the controller of Xbox One and Kinect.

    But with the free falls that the financial markets of both brands have had and other factors, both consoles have achieved similar prices in their costs.

    The 500GB version of the Xbox One S is almost the lowest of the two, priced at $ 239 compared to $ 299, and the 1TB version of the Xbox One S is available for approximately $ 279, in the U.S.

    Knowing this, common offers mean that console prices are constantly changing.

    Referring now to the PS4 Pro, which is more powerful and the Xbox One X, Xbox One X has a higher price, with a cost of $ 499 in contrast to the PS4 Pro with a cost of $ 399 respectively.

    The Xbox One included the console, a controller and the Kinect camera, and were increasing in price, although many were not impressed by its motion technology.

    The following Xbox One packages included the Forza Horizon 3 or FIFA 17 in addition to having the same cost, while the cheap systems eliminated Kinect at the same time as they advertised recent games like Forza Horizon 4.

    All of the Xbox One boxes had an HDMI cable and a free 14-day bonus. Test for Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold online service. It did not have a USB charger, because its Xbox One controllers use their batteries from the factory.

    In the boxes of the PS4 and PS4 Pro had consoles and only 1 controller DualShock 4, also HDMI cable and a micro-USB cable for charging the controller.

    But remember not to throw away the box instantly, because inside it there is a subscription