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We welcome you to our Salt And Sacrifice guide where we will talk about All Crimes and Items.

What to know about the crimes and objects in Salt And Sacrifice?

These are choices that we can make from the beginning of the game to see what elements we obtain through it, it is a gift mechanism, this being very important, it is opportune that we are aware of All Crimes and Objects, so Therefore, follow the details below.

What are All the Crimes and Items in Salt And Sacrifice?

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    We must take into account the crimes, by means of which according to the one we choose, it is that we are going to receive the objects in Salt And Sacrifice and these are such as alchemy, arson, blasphemy, banditry, drunkenness, forgery, heresy, lewdness, smuggling, sumptuousness and usury, considering these we have that in terms of All Crimes and Objects according to the crime we obtain the specific objects and for this the following:

    • Alchemy: with this you get 3 decoctions of phlogiston, which is a consumable that will explode on impact, covering with a flammable liquid, damaging with fire, utility at a safe distance.
    • Arson: with this, we obtain the firebomb weapon, adding 5 of these that explode when they hit.
    • Blasphemy: with this we will get Censer of Harmony, which will be used for PvP, making the creatures attack the hostiles they invade.
    • Intoxications: we get the consumable item from 5 Cracked Wineskins.
    • Forgery: we will add the Forged Deed that can be sold.
    • Heresy: we get the Krine tablet that brings with it the written commandments.
    • Lewdness: we will get the lock of hair with this crime.
    • Contraband: You get a signal lantern that is important for sailors and communication.
    • Sumptuousness: the signet ring.
    • Usury: the silver bag we get with this, which we can exchange for 1000 silver.
    • Vagrancy: we will receive a wooden doll.

    Now that we know what all the crimes and objects are, it only remains to apply the instructions to add rewards according to what we do in Salt And Sacrifice.

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