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Rage 2: How to Find Giant Mutant Bosses

2019-05-24 18:54:05

You've probably already met the Abadon Crusher Mutants of Rage 2, the giant chiefs who are always hiding inside underground chambers, because we have prepared a Rage 2 guide for the giant mutant chiefs in which we tell you how and where to find them.

In Rage 2 there are a total of 7 giant mutant bosses hiding in the Wasteland tunnels, a group of 6 giant mutant bosses in the Wasteland open world and there is 1 that is a story related to the main mission of Rage 2.

RAGE 2 - All Bosses / Boss Fights + Ending

There are two achievements related to the giant mutant bosses of Rage 2.

1. To achieve the first achievement you'll have to kill the 7 mutants of Abadon Crusher Mutants, by doing so you receive the achievement "The Bigger They Fall ...".

2. To achieve the second achievement you'll have to kill one of the Mutants with your Phoenix vehicle, even though the mutants are underground, in one of the locations you can kill an Abadon Mutant with the vehicle.

Below, we present our guide so you know how to find all the locations of the giant mutant heads of Rage 2 and the locations of the underground zones among other details.

Shaft in ruins - Lug the nut.

To get to this place you'll have to go to the house of Lug The Nut, one of the Abadon Crusher Mutant in the Twisting Canyons region of the game.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants.

The location is where Smeggle the Vile is located, on what appears to be a construction site, north of the Sekreto wetlands.

You'll have to look for a crane that has a section of a tube, ready to be lowered into the well. Jump down and go to the pipe, which will be The Ruined Axis.

Once inside you'll have to finish with all the enemies that you find, advance through the pipe until you reach the end and find a door on the right side, enter and you'll go to the other axis.

Being at the end of the mine you'll have to turn right and you'll see another part of the location.

Go down the stairs that are in the hole until you reach Lug The Nut and now the good thing starts, to finish with this giant mutant boss points to the head because it's your most vulnerable part, you can use the explosive barrels that hang to make it much more hurt.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants.

Again you'll have to get the meter through the slope pipe. You can cross a small valley that leads to the pipe.

Again enter and finish with all the enemies you find before continuing.

When you're in Smeggle the Vile, follow the channels until you find a bunch of mutants before facing another giant mutant boss. You 'll have to open the purple hatch.

The weak point of this giant mutant boss, Smeggle, is his chest, exploit it to cause him enormous damage. Dodge all your attacks using the rock pillars always keeping your guard up to attack. You can also use the rocket launcher to finish it.

The drainage of pain - Sackhead the Painbringer.

It's located in the northern part of Torn Plains, around it's the Delta freight station and an abandoned garage and an abandoned garage.

Again you will have to follow a tunnel to find another one of the giant mutant bosses.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants.

Now you'll have to dive into the hillside pipe and kill all the small enemies before the other giant mutant boss arrives to be able to finish him off without further pressure.

Advance until you reach Sackhead, find the hole, jump and kill all the small enemies, follow the other pipe until finally reach Sackhead.

Dodge his attacks and take advantage of his sword which is his weak point, again use the rocket launcher to finish it more quickly.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants.

There is a secret path marked up on the map that leads into the jungle, and through a path, which takes you to D and D's Hood.

You'll have to follow the road until you reach the opposite side, follow the broken pipeline, another register and you'll finally reach the site, if you use your car you can arrive in less time.

Download the two mutants to complete this area to achieve the achievement. Avoid their attacks and scrape them using the turret of your car.

The Motor Tomb - Grull the Juggernaut.

Being in this location go to the building and go down the underground stairs and down all the parking lots.

Rage 2 Abadon Crusher Mutants.

In the second lower level there is an exit door that leads to the subsoil and the pipe leading to the boss. The boss seems to be well shielded, except that his legs will be the weak point. Again use the rocket launcher in your favor.

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