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Left Alive Receives bad reviews from the Japanese public, the "Front Mission" franchise could die.

2019-03-07 19:42:22

After the release in Japan of the video game 'Left Alive' developed by Square Enix, a series of bad reviews has been unleashed. It is considered that due to the failure obtained as a result of the long-awaited project, a greater fall of the "Front Mission" franchise could be generated. Then we tell you what we know about this case so far.

According to reports, the Japanese release of 'Left Alive' presented some problems regarding controls, character movements, graphics and poor design; resulting in a rating by Amazon Japan equal to 1.8 out of 5., which I take as a consequence a set of bad reviews for the game.

And to join this abalancha of negative criticism, the video game 'Left Alive' had blocked its transmission on the PlayStation and thereafter received a price cut to follow the transmission. All this makes the future plan of Square Enix is ​​unknown, thus generating fans worry about the result of 'Left Alive'.

Going a bit to the story, it is worth mentioning that the series "Front Mission" was a tactical RPG originally produced by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) where players were allowed to control giant military robots, which were called Wanzers , and its pilots, while fighting battles in war camps, in a square grid. In turn, players were allowed to plan their actions when sending their enemies. However, the praise of the series was not so much for its gameplay and its characters were giant robots, but for the depth of its history, which was a source of adoration for many fans. Due to this, "Left Alive" of Square Enix is ​​set in this world of robots and wars.

Apart from their game, a lot of fanaiticos of the stealth games, as they are the players of "Metal Gear Solid", looked forward to the release of 'Left Alive'. This, due to the later conclusion of "Metal Gear Solid 5", the separation of Hideo Kojima and Konami and the new "Metal Gear" was not a stealth game.

In spite of the previous thing, the probabilities of another game like "Metal Gear" of Hideo Kojima and Konami seemed to be very little, the fanatics felt that "Left Alive" of Square Enix was the chosen one. In addition, considering that the designer of "Metal Gear" characters, Yoji Shinkawa, is in this project, it makes it more understandable that the fans had such an illusion for "Left Alive".

However, it must be taken into account that even when the sad comments or bad criticism from the Japanese are "burying" Left Alive, it is necessary to wait to analyze the performance of the game in the United States, after its global launch, which was on March 5.