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Complete the Visit to the Big Phone, big Piano and Dancing Fish Trophy in Fortnite week 2 Season 9

2019-05-16 18:20:58

A new week in Fortnite season 9 only means that new weekly challenges come. However, among the most difficult that are expected, is to make a visit to three specific places that you should find on the map where there is a piano, a telephone and a trophy with dancing fish, all giants. For this article in xboxplay.games, we will tell you what you should do.

Find and visit a great piano, a great phone and a trophy with giant fish dancers

To overcome this new weekly challenge you should only visit three giant objects that are located in certain areas within the map. These objects are: a telephone, a large piano and a trophy with dancing fish. To complete the challenge you must only approach them and that counts as a visit. It does not matter if you do it in a specific order, you can visit them in the order you want.

Visit an oversized Phone, a Big Piano and a giant Dancing Fish - Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 Challenge

Where the challenge is a little complicated is because, of course, to visit these objects, you must first find their locations. In addition, another thing that you should consider that the challenge is completed when you make the visits in coincidences, that when you start visiting them, you should not abandon them, you have to visit them all, after visiting the first of the three. Because of this, it's recommended that you first locate the areas where the objects are and then make the challenge. Below we will explain briefly where to get the locations

Locations for the telephone, the piano and the trophy with dancing fish

Although the objects are a bit far from each other, ignoring this and the fact that the locations aren't marked on the map, the challenge may be somewhat simple.

Where to find giant telephones

First you must know that there are two telephones, so you have two different locations. One of them is west of Fatal Fields, on the frozen mountain. The other is north of the map, exactly the edge of the map is located, between the northwest of Lazy Lagoon and the east of The Block.

Where to find the giant piano

The giant piano is much simpler, you can get it east of Lonely Lodge near that edge of the map, exactly on the top of a small hill. between the hero's house and the shore.

Where to find the great trophy with dancing fish

This giant object also turns out to be something easy to find. You can locate it to the southwest of the Mega Mall, in the more or less rectangular green zone enclosed by some roads, just found on the roof of a house.

Among the recommendations that we can add, between the two phones that you can choose, consider taking the second one that we mentioned, the one that is located on the frozen mountain. This is because it's close to the other two giant objects that you must visit.

As already mentioned, to complete the challenge, you should only visit these three objects, but without interrupting the visits. Once you start with the first visit, end up with the other objects that are left over, otherwise you will not overcome the challenge.

Now that you know how to overcome the challenge, go for it. Do not forget to return here, xboxply.games and tell us your experiences in the comments.