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Pokemon Go: How to protect your account

2020-02-19 08:01:49

In the wide world of Pokemon Go it is not only play, we will see that in the explanation of how to protect your account precisely.

In Pokemon Go we have left many hours of play, many of us, so it will be disastrous if we go through a loss of our account, for this reason the center of the explanation of this guide is how to protect your account, the following content is responsible for covering all these doubts.

What should we know about our account in Pokemon Go?

Although many of us go through the loss of our account or not, it is important to consider how to protect your account, given the possibility that we are victims of a hack it is almost impossible that Niantic can help us in this, so we must avoid this situation, if we become compromised, it is because of the access of the email address associated with our account, in this way the difficulty for us to recover it will be impossible, we only have to take into account the indications that are for come in this guide on how to protect your account

How to protect your account in Pokemon Go?

Not having confidence in Club coaches

Registration through the coaches club is possible for those old school players, meaning that starting from Google it is possible to do so, it is true that many of us are not very happy with the execution of our credentials of our Pokemon Go account, but This brings some benefits, which is the recovery of the account, however it is different from that of forgot the password of Trainer Club, the authentication of two factors 2FA that Google has is the most important, since being our account at risk of hack, access will not be provided, due to a second layer of passwords that this will have to go through to access our account, which means that this option must be taken into account, it is important that our email attached own 2FA.

Avoid third party traps and applications

If we get to use third-party applications and traps our account will become disabled, it is true that when there are traps available it is normal for those to use them, which means that if we want security in our account we must avoid using them, Niantic has taken measures in against this and there may be more consequences, the terms and conditions of Niantic establish the prohibition of third party applications, so it is not worth the risk, the use of applications of this type give these people access to our account in some way, being a high risk for the security of it.

Password security

This is one of the perhaps more obvious guidelines as to how to protect your account in Pokemon Go, the oversights are permanent, the short passwords and easy to remember will make it easier for them to know about us, even susceptible to hack, another detail It is the use of the same password in different places, our account being totally vulnerable, it is feasible for us to have difficult passwords in all the sites at the same time, but instead an option is the use of an administrator of passwords, which will give us the most difficult passwords, being all encrypted and for each account we have.

In conclusion, knowing how to protect your account with these steps allows us to have greater security in all hours spent in our Pokemon Go adventure.

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Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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July 6, 2016

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