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This time we are going to tell you how to get Gallade in Pokemon GO, one of the several Pokémon that you can get in the game.

Who is Gallade at Pokemon GO?

It is one of the several Pokémon that you can obtain in the game, this being one of the most difficult to obtain, so pay close attention to know how to obtain Gallade.

How to get Gallade in Pokemon GO?

It will first be necessary to see a previous evolution of Gallade. Note that you can catch two in the wild, the basic evolution of Ralts and Ralts,

On the other hand there is Krlia, who when trapped in nature cannot evolve and Shadow pressures from Kirlias cannot evolve Gallade either. In this sense, the best you can do is opt for the basic or shiny Ralts to be able to get Gallade.
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    The Ralts are a kind of Psychic / Fairy type from the Hoenn region, it has white and green colors and can be found in nature, you can also obtain it through research, in eggs and in raids. But it is very important to note that only male Ralts can become Gallade, as female Ralts will become Gardevoir.

    After you have the male Ralts of good statistics you can continue the process.

    Ralts will evolve to Kirlia first after 50 candies, and it is Kirlia who can evolve into Gallade or Gardevoir.

    For Gardevoir, you will have to give Ralts 100 sweets.

    But turning a male Ralts into a Gallade will also require a rare Sinnoh stone.

    These are removed from 7 consecutive days of Investigation, PvP battles, and battles against three team leaders on any Community Day in the game. You will find about 18 Pokémon that evolve with Sinnoh Stones, and although they are rare, when you have one you can give it to its male Kirlia and get that rare Gallade.

    That's all you have to know about how to get Gallade in Pokemon GO, we hope our guide has been as helpful as possible, and you can get all the performance of this Pokémon now that you know how to get it.

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