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Pokemon GO: How to Get A Spooky Message easily

2019-10-21 13:44:57

In this guide we will be able to find all the necessary explanation on how to obtain a Spooky Message in Pokemon GO.

 In this occasion we will have to make a special investigation, we are with an event of Halloween 2019, so we must meet one of the objectives that brings us Pokemon GO for this event as it is to get a Spooky Message and to solve that challenge we will have the following details that will lead us to achieve it.

How can we get a Spooky Message in Pokemon GO?

Once we start the game we can start a Spooky Message, at the bottom right of the screen we'll touch the icon of Professor Willow, this will offer us when we start a scene some search factors, it will tell us about the mysterious message it received, at the end of the conversation, we'll leave and start the Spooky Message

    We must bear in mind that this event will end on November 1, it is only for Halloween that will be available, for that reason we must be quick to complete this special search, in this event we can find many articles of great utility, as well as experience throughout the trajectory of the event, everything indicates that we will get a rare Pokemon as a final prize, taking into account that we will notice ghost creatures, this suggests that the rewards will be special this year, Spiritomb is the Pokemon that we will get at the end.

    If for some reason we don't complete this special research in 2018, we will be able to continue it where we left off this year, so it means that if we also complete this 2019 we will get 2 Pokemon Spiritomb, the ideal is to try to complete the event for this year, but if we don't, next year in October we will have a new opportunity to complete it.

 So we end with this explanation, we hope it will be useful and help to complete the event of Halloween 2019, getting a Spooky Message in Pokemon GOo.

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