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The Most recents news

Fortnite lets you pet dogs and other animals with new Update 8.40

Fortnite lets you pet dogs a dragon or a chameleon can sit in your character's backpack and relax, nothing more, just like that
2019-04-17 19:59:10

EA’s Origin gaming: Patches Major Security Flaw In its Origin Launcher

EA's Origin games, which brought the issue of remote code execution as a problem, meaning that anyone could have executed any command
2019-04-17 18:23:33

Microsoft Windows is a preferred target for cyber criminals

After the attack made by computer hackers to accounts of email services respective to Microsoft Outlook, Hotmail and MSN
2019-04-17 17:48:52

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Noctis Event: Nocturne for Heroes' FFXV Crossover Event

All about "Noctis", the crossed event FFXV "A Nocturne for Heroes" of Final Fantasy XIV.
2019-04-17 17:34:20

PUBG Mobile Update Adds A New Zombie Mode

The latest update of PlayerUnknown's Mobile Battlegrounds adds a new zombie mode in addition to renewing the existing zombie mode of PUBG Mobile
2019-04-17 17:05:46

SuperHOT VR Sales exceed revenue than the non-VR original

the VR of SuperHOT is generating more revenue than the originally launched. 800 thousand sales make the above an official event, given that it is clearly checked.
2019-04-17 16:48:24

Capcom Home Arcade Mini-Console With 16-game is launching

The super retro video game consoles have become a mecca, Sony, Nintendo and now Capcom, have joined the list of mini console manufacturers.
2019-04-17 16:33:15

Secret City Of Heroes unmasked by rogue player

City Of Heroes still lives, although from the underground, it is known because a Fan-server of Secret City Of Heroes was unmasked by a user.
2019-04-17 16:12:56

Playstation 5 (PS5) Firts details emerge of Sony 8K Resolution

Oone time that Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) will not be released for this year. will offer a graphics engine with an amazing 8K resolution
2019-04-17 15:50:54

PUBG Weapon Mastery Guide: Everything you need to know

PUBG has integrated a real progression system, focused on the use of weapons, which has been called Weapon Mastery
2019-04-17 15:39:56

Fortnite Reboot Van: Where To Find Them and Tips To Use Them For Respawn

Locations of the Reboot Van in Fortnite and how they are used. The Reboot Van were introduced to introduce a mechanism for the re-entry
2019-04-17 14:45:55

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Will Release In 2021 For PS5

Rumors of the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 for PlayStation 5 in 2021, apparently it will have to wait much longer than planned
2019-04-17 14:33:51

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 50th Anniversary Edition CPU pops up online

AMD  Anniversary Edition Ryzen 7 2700X is now online. AMD was founded on May 1 of the year 1969 for celebrate will lauch the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
2019-04-17 14:24:36

God of War Theme "Ragnarok is Coming" Teases for PS4

God of War Theme for PS4 released for the first anniversary of the game that shows an image of Kratos and Atreus sitting on a boat
2019-04-17 14:16:27

SNK is preparing new Metal Slug and Neo Geo V2 and V3

Rumors have been running that SNK is working on the new Metal Slug and versions 2 and 3 of Neo Geo.
2019-04-17 14:07:34

Fortnite Birdie Skin: How much does it cost?

Fortnite has released a new skin that is part of the 'Teed Off' set, coincided with The Masters that many have called Birdie.
2019-04-16 21:23:30

Asus ZenBook S13 special for gamer

The new ASUS laptop has a net weight of approximately 1.13 kilograms, with a dedicated graphics card and an initial price of $ 1,399.
2019-04-16 19:50:12

PS5 release date NEWS: The next-gen PlayStation is coming

Mark Cerny, designer  principal architect of the PS4 and PlayStation Vita and now the next generation of Sony consoles, the PlayStation 5.
2019-04-16 19:26:35

AMD Ryzen Zen 2 Could has Problem With 300-Series Motherboards

AMD Ryzen Zen 2 may not work with the 300 series motherboards.
2019-04-16 19:22:55

DDJ-800: Pioneer DJ Has A New Rekordbox DJ Controller

Recently it was announced the DDJ-800 is the latest in a series of Rekordbox DJ controllers that are total updates of the DDJ-S / R family line
2019-04-16 19:18:06

Star Wars: The Old Republic's First Expansion Revealed

The Star Wars MMO The Old Republic premiered in 2011 and since then it is still an exciting one.
2019-04-16 17:14:59

Dreams Early Access for PS4 Release Date

Dreams PS4 Early Access It has already begun to arrive and more than one is anxious to have it in his power right now and we can include ourselves.
2019-04-16 17:04:36

PC games Can Help to solve Some mysteries with BlackHoles

You can use your game PC to solve various mysteries of the universe with BlackHoles.
2019-04-16 16:57:13

Notre Dame Cathedral Could Be Rebuilt Thanks to Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Notre Dame cathedral Could Be Rebuilt With The Help Of Assassin’s Creed: Unity, detailed 3D maps, which could play a leading role in rebuilding Notre Dame
2019-04-16 16:45:09

Xbox One Leak: All-Digital Xbox One With No Disc Drive

Microsoft will confirm the rumors, considering that Microsoft's Inside Xbox event is coming up on April 16
2019-04-15 23:46:56

Travel through wormholes is possible

You should do it calmly, but travel through the wormholes if possible. Physicists were able to demonstrate the theory that wormholes can exist: tunnels in curved
2019-04-15 23:41:44

Nintendo Labo VR Now Will supports VR YouTube videos

The Nintendo Labo VR will have support for YouTube VR videos. To share videos at any resolution, from 144p to the incredible resolution of 8K
2019-04-15 23:29:08

God Eater 3 Producer: Says The Switch Version Will Be “The Same” As Other

God Eater 3 is available on the Nintendo Switch, and Tomiyama, producer, made a statement expressing the reason that led them to make the port change
2019-04-15 23:23:46

Fortnite Creative: Infinity ‘Blade in Stone’ prefab coming

The Infinity Blade returns to Fortnite Creative on v8.20, but Blade in Stone did not run with the same good luck.
2019-04-15 23:11:32

Fortnite leak: mysterious ‘Zebulon Drone’ item

A weapon, a skin, a character or some other article, really still not known for sure, the fact is that a new possible object of Fortnite has been leaked.
2019-04-15 19:20:47