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We follow the route through Monster Hunter Rise and this allows us to tell you how to beat Almudron.

Who is Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise?

This is simply a leviathan that we come across in this game, it is necessary to embark on this fight, especially considering that this enemy usually has some bubbles, so knowing how to defeat Almudron allows us to face a complex but necessary fight.

How to beat Almudron in Monster Hunter Rise?

Before moving on to the fight itself, it is necessary to focus on knowing some relevant aspects of this monster in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • This enemy usually attacks with mud and sometimes attacks with water to deal damage.
  • It is necessary to avoid being hit with the water.
  • It is vital to make use of weapons where resistance is not greatly compromised.
  • It is necessary to have a little bearing, as these tend to affect the resistance to some extent.
  • There is a possibility of achieving at least 20 water resistance by armature or giving to completely nullify the blight.
  • It is favorable to use the ability to resist mud in order to affect Almudron's movement in Monster Hunter Rise, since specifically mud is an attack that this leviathan usually hits with.
  • Knowing how to beat Almudron leads us to equip ourselves with firearms and ice, specifically fire tends to be more favorable.
  • There is the possibility of using the weapons of thunder and dragon, however, it is necessary to understand that Almudron tends to resist water which makes it somewhat complex.
  • Explosion application is not feasible, as this Monster Hunter Rise leviathan is usually quite resistant to it.
  • We continue to tell you how to beat Almudron and for this it is necessary to understand that the head is precisely the best place to harm him, since weapons such as a long sword or some shots can do considerable damage.
  • Almudron's tail is also susceptible, it is necessary to attack it forcefully, being the second place where it is possible to hit it, this is usually favorable because it is usually tied with the abdomen.
  • The tip of the tail is relevant because it usually affects the legs considerably and this can give us some advantage.
  • Once we know some details about how to beat Almudron it is time to enter the fight itself and this implies:

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    • It is necessary to attack him in the tail even when he throws mud, as these usually come out in waves which allows us to move regularly and in this way use the wire bugs in order to jump over them.
    • We must avoid getting caught in the waves even when they may try to hit us in Monster Hunter Rise, in addition to inflicting water on us.
    • It is necessary to avoid all the waves that Almudron throws, since there is no major difference between them.
    • There is the possibility of locating ourselves in some mud platforms that Almudron usually creates, this can be done while the leviathan goes to the other end of the arena.
    • In our work to know how to beat Almudron there is the possibility of crossing these mud platforms and reaching the objective.
    • We must know that most of the attacks of this boss tend to occur in the mud, because it is precisely his environment and where he usually works best in Monster Hunter Rise.
    • It is necessary to be attentive to the changes that Almudron undergoes, because when the tail and mouth are placed with a golden glow, the mud that it tends to leave behind tends to be more lethal, since it will not only slow us down, but it can make us a lot of damage, in such a way that when you notice it the most sensible thing is to get out of the mud in Monster Hunter Rise.
    • Almudron has different movements, because it has physical attacks that can harm us, it usually hits the ground with its foot, and then it will do the same with the other, it is necessary to be careful with it, as this could make us fall and place ourselves in the fire line.
    • It is vital to avoid attacks with the tail, because this is a pretty good move, and it usually does it in a premeditated way, in this sense, knowing how to beat Almudron leads us to be careful in such a case that we have in mind to cut off his tail, because This can only be achieved once we have done some damage to it, for which it is vital to cut or injure it.
    • Almudron is usually somewhat complex and will get the way to dive in the sand, although this is not usually a type of threat it will force us to have to chase him in Monster Hunter Rise, but this is precisely where we must be more careful, as this will take care of create a ball of clay that will send waves and proceed to throw them at us, which is it touching us can do us considerable damage.
    • Knowing how to beat Almudron should focus on looking for his weak point and for this it is possible to use the gunners, which can make us take the respective forecasts to the attacks generated by this leviathan and therefore allow us to take the time necessary to execute an attack that allows us to defeat him.

    In this sense, knowing how to beat Almudron leads us to consider being careful and dodging, because every hit we receive from this leviathan can be fatal in Monster Hunter Rise.

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