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2022-06-15 09:51:59

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Today we bring you a Minecraft guide where we will talk about How to breed pandas.

What to know about the pandas in Minecraft?

They are presented in the game to give several approaches, where their reproduction is one of them, there are many different versions of pandas and they are special compared to other animals that we find, now looking to know how to breed pandas, let's closely follow the next content.

How to breed pandas in Minecraft?

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    It is necessary to have the pandas in a specific area for this to result in Minecraft, having a couple of them and adding 8 bamboo blocks in the area with 5 blocks where they will be, as long as we have enough bamboo around it is reproduction may occur, the area in which they will be must be small and closed, in case they do not have the necessary bamboo they can attack us, as for How to breed pandas, the next thing is to give them both direct bamba, with They will be able to enter love mode by eating it, they will get together and generate baby pandas, by giving bamboo to the baby we can make its growth happen quickly, starting from the traits of the parents we have their behavior.


    •  In a normal panda this will be brown.
    • The aggressive ones have gray eyebrows, they will attack us and other mobs the moment they are damaged.
    • We will see the lazy panda always smiling and lying on its back, with slow movements.
    • Those who stick out their tongues, jump and roll are the playful ones.
    • Seeing himself with a worried face during thunderstorms and escaping from mobs, he is a worried panda.
    • Having less health than the other pandas is a weak one.

     Finally, now that we know how to breed pandas we can move on to Minecraft.

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