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Minecraft Education Edition has more things for us to do and that is why we will tell you How to make bleach.

What is the bleach in Minecraft Education Edition?

  This is a resource that is usually present in this game and that is part of the novelties, in this sense, knowing how to make bleach allows us to embark on a search for resources, in addition to getting a good amount of experience.

How to make bleach in Minecraft Education Edition?

The first thing we must do is take care of combining:


  •   3 sodium hypochlorites.
  • 3 waters.


  It is necessary to take into account that before making bleach we will have to have some specific resources and they are:
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    • Hydrogen H containing 1 proton, 1 electron, and 0 neutrons.
    • Oxygen O containing 8 protons, 8 electrons and 8 neutrons.
    • Sodium Na containing 11 protons, 11 electrons, and 11 neutrons.
    • Chlorine Cl containing 17 protons, 17 electrons, and 18 neutrons.


     Now that we have these chemical elements we must obtain the base ingredients for the bleach and they are:

    • Water: It is made up of H2 from the creator compound and O to the bottom right of the creator compound.
    • Sodium hypochlorite: It is composed of center-left Cl of the compound creator and Na of the center of the compound creator.

    We must take care of making the amount of 3 waters and the amount of 3 sodium hypochlorites and we will take them to the laboratory, here we must first add 3 sodium hypochlorites and then we add 3 waters, then we click on the Combine button and when this process is completed we will obtain a bottle of bleach that is usually used to remove the color of:


    •  dyed wool
    • Bed.
    • Rug.
    • Banner.


     Now that you know how to make bleach, it's time to get involved in this creation process that only Minecraft Education Edition can offer you.

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