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madden 20: how to play defense

2019-08-21 22:40:52

 In the perfect moment, we have prepared this guide for you to learn how to play defense in Madden 20.

No matter the way you are playing, if you want to win the victory in each Madden 20 game you will have to make sure how to play with defense.

What is the defense function in Madden 20?

As in reality, the function is to protect during those moments when you lose control of the ball, preventing things from getting out of control, your goal is to stop the opponent to make mistakes while your team regains control.

As you may have noticed, knowing how to play defense is very important not to mess it up, so we have prepared this guide in which you will learn how to play defense in Madden 20 in the easiest way.

How to play defense in Madden 20?

 Study the strength and weaknesses of your opponent,

In this sense we recommend studying the opposing team before starting the game, in this way you will meet each of its players allowing you to take into account those that have more potential according to their statistics.

Regardless of the way you are in, it never hurts to know the statistics of the opposing team. If any of your players have a WR star, do not leave it covered only.

You can also check the opponent after each play to better determine what they did.

 Interception before the camera moves and then catch the ball can be a risk.

In this sense, if we can recommend something, you should study your receivers and determine who has good catch statistics and a better jump.

Although you can choose to take swat ball if you need it.

Sometimes regardless of whether a stroke is a clearance or a change of position, it is best to hit the ball is the 3rd or 4th down.

  QB modifications

Take into account QB modifications when pressurized or unbalanced. Maintain the most appropriate pressure on QB to see the pitches that are most likely to reach defenders.

 Use Pass Rusher without your coverage.

 Make sure that if you are going to change defense you don't have a super play on the way, this could easily make you finish in touchdown in Madden 20

Although changing the defense is not bad, at all, if you find yourself on the defensive line and decide to make your way, we recommend you move away so that the CPU aligns the most correct way to the opponent, just make sure you do not align so much because you could leave flying from the QB and killing a play that could have given you a lot.

In case of coverage, do not change the control when the balls are flying, this better leave it to the defender to try to reduce the losses in the plays.

 Guess moves to get a balance between risk and reward

Those who want to know how to play defense in Madden 20 will often have to guess moves to get a balance between risk and reward. Allowing you to eliminate player recognition statistics for players and allow you to quickly mobilize the runner or stand on cover.

We recommend you consider this option only when there is certainty that things will work out so you don't mess things up. Once you're sure it will work, enter Pre Snap - LB / L1 + Relevant address in RS.

 Protect Sticks

An important feature in this guide on how to play defense in Madden 20 is Protect Sticks.

This move causes the defenders to protect the first marker down and put everything right in front. This will cause short plays to be discarded minus the first down as well as being quite useful especially in deep passes.

 To execute this functionality use Y / Triangle Defensive Pre Snap + LB / L1.

When was Madden 20 released?

The American football simulation video game based on the National Football League, developed by EA and released a few days ago, on August 2 and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC users

In this way we finalize our guide on how to play defense in Madden 20. We hope you know how to take full advantage of the information we brought.

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