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2019-08-21 18:02:25

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This guide aims to teach you how to throw a high pass in the Madden 20 game, it is also known as a balloon pass, we hope it will be of your help and clarify your concerns.

 In the Madden 20 game you will find 3 different pass forms to throw the ball, which are: touch, high pass and ball. In the game the three are quite important, of course it depends on the route and where the defense is covering the goalkeeper.

 How to throw a high pass in Madden 20

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Usually Madden 20 presents a simple way to launch any pass, however you have to learn to master them and it will cost you a little time. But to launch a high pass which is what interests us in this guide. The EA explains that you can run high or balloon passes by pressing and releasing the receiver icon very quickly.

 However, the game does not mention the time you must keep the button pressed, but, here we explain it, pressing the button for a long time will give you a bullet pass and a short pass too high, if you release it in an intermediate way you will Achieving a touch pass, being the most difficult pass to achieve, is very important if you can do it in the final zone.

 This is all we hope this guide has been useful for you to learn how to make a high pass in Madden 20, remember that when you want to make this type of pass you must quickly touch the receiver icon and immediately release it.

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