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2019-08-15 22:56:07

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We are going to present some tips and tricks through this guide for the game Madden 20 and we will guide you how to make a  quarterback Slide, we hope you can help.

In this Madden 20 game you will have to face players with Superstar X Factor movements, this makes their opponents harder to beat. If you are starting in football games here you will learn to s quarterback Slide and become a monster for your opponents.

How to start in Madden 20?

If you are a beginner in Madden 20 you should know that when quarterback carries the ball after the scrimmage line, you can slide and give up in this way you can ensure the yards you collected, so you could manage to  quarterback Slide. As we can see in a real NFL game, quarterback players are vital players in the same way this game is happening, but there is an additional reason, in the sliding game it may seem to give up but it is not true it is only an intelligent movement in the game .

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What should we consider in Madden 20?

There are 2 important things that you must take into account in Madden 20 to be able to make a  quarterback Slide, first you have to start your slide half a second before it comes close to contacting another of the players. Only one beat is necessary to start the animation. This way you will be marked down from the beginning of your slip.

Once QB crosses the scrimmage line you will already be a runner. Therefore you must press and hold the impulse button when crossing the line. Now if you press the dive button while the pulse is pressed then you will dive.

Once this is done, the QB will slow down, put the ball and slide your feet, this is a very interesting trick. Then the whistle will sound and everything will stop, we advise you not to be afraid to slide, this way you will protect your  quarterback Slide and your ball can get one or 2 extra yards. You can do that if you don't want to become a fourth down.

Thank you for preferring our Madden 20 guide, we hope that our tips and tricks have been very useful especially to s quarterback Slide, remember to visit us daily as we will have more news.

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