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Madden 20: How to get training points.

2019-08-22 21:01:19

Surely you have begun to wonder how to get training points in Madden 20, fortunately this guide has everything about it.

What are the training points for?

Many times you will want to improve your team to get a better alignment, and with that you will want to use your best cards to improve team performance. Fortunately you have training points which will fall like a ring to your finger in this situation.

How to get training points in Madden 20.

The way to get points is basically playing, so you don't want to stay intact for a long time, we have highlighted several ways to get training points below:

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    • Play.

    • Complete challenges

    • Open letter packages.

    • Sell ​​unused cards to receive a few points in return.

    Visit different game modes and do the challenges in each way (this is the method that we like the most because it allows us to get more points in less time).

    Play in NFL Epics mode (this method leaves very good rewards but they don't get as fast as in others).

    This is how we finished our Madden 20 guide on how to get training points, we hope that now that the game has been released, you will be able to get the most out of this guide. Just like this one, we have a lot of content for you about this and other titles that you will surely want to take advantage of.

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