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Find out how to prepare a romantic evening in this excellent and explanatory Lust From Beyond guide.

What to know about the romantic evening at Lust From Beyond?

When we have obtained the items requested by Mrs. Hudson in the store during the second chapter of the game, we have to get the task to fulfill to have an appointment with Lily, which consists in knowing How to Prepare a romantic evening, being necessary to gather a series of objects such as scattering rose petals, lighting the candle, preparing the wine, the gift and the wine glasses, now to have every detail of this situation we must focus on the orientation that will be presented from here on, let's see.

How to prepare a romantic evening in Lust From Beyond?

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    The tasks that correspond to the candle, the wine glasses are easy, in the kitchen we will find a lighter in front of the mixer, on the kitchen counter and on a shelf above the open pizza there are a couple of glasses of wine, we take both things and go to the living room table, once the button to add object appears on the table, it will lead us to press E to place each glass of wine in a position on the table, in the same way it will happen to us With the candle only that instead of this we use the lighter, the other objects are in closed warehouses, but the access key is in a Japanese box in the living room, you have to look in the closet shelf located very close to the window, what we will do to unlock said box is pass a puzzle, which will guide us to the camp below.

    What we are going to do is the combination of the creatures that are inside the color wiring of the puzzle, making them coincide with those of the clue page, the centaur for the green area of ​​the upper left circle, while the mermaid in the Blue area of ​​the upper right circle and finally the dragon for the red area of ​​the lower circle, when completing this puzzle we will have the box open to get the key to the warehouse, we will go to locate the box of rose petals, the bottle of wine and the acoustic guitar, once we take everything, we just have to go back to the table in the living room, where we put the wine on the cover, the guitar on the stand, this being the gift and by means of some marks on the floor we are going to follow the path where the rose petals will be placed, this will put an end to our objective, and we can notice it by the presentation of a scene.

    Knowing how to prepare a romantic evening is interesting, because it allows us to progress while having fun in Lust From Beyond.

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