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League of Legends: How to play with Heimerdinger

2019-11-29 13:29:35

We have been working to finally bring you this pearl, because in this guide you will learn how to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends.

What is Heimerdinger League of Legends?

Also known for his alias as The Venerable Inventor, Heimerdinger is one of the game's champions, is an eccentric and brilliant Yordle scientist and is considered one of the most innovative minds and esteemed inventors.

How to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends?

His main ability is his ability to push waves, when you keep an opponent chained to his tower his ability to cultivate subjects and roam other lanes is limited. Also the turn bands are other of their specialties. This champion can be played at the top, but has a better performance in the middle and in the lane of the boats as a carrier.

How to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends? - Runes.

The runes of this champion depend on the combination and the style of play, you can quietly key the electrocut but the Cooling will make you vulnerable. And although the Arcane Comet is cooled by turret shots, damage falls at the end of the game.

Since League of Legends 9.23 Conqueror works well on it in the bot lane, we recommend running Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter as secondary runes for healing.

To unmask the true potential of Heimerdinger we recommend using Unsealed Spellbook (to use the Summoner's Spell cycle after 6 minutes of objective pressure and death of free subjects) as a cornerstone with Smite and Flash as Summoner's Spells. Smite from champion select will allow you to buy Enchantment: Runic Echoes. Power jungle will increase jungle camp experience and mimic the splash effect of Luden's Echo giving you 10 less Ability Power. in exchange for 700 gold.

You can add this to the murders of guaranteed subjects of Smite and Minion Dematerializer and 600 of Perfect Timing.

Unsealed Spellbook will give you 1,600 gold points and an experience advantage for a champion.

How to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends? - Articles

To be able to execute Unsealed Spellbook successfully, a specific construction path will be necessary.

The first is after 6 minutes with 900 gold with which you will have to buy a devilish codex, then you will have to change from Smite to Teleport to return to the lane. Then you will have to buy Boots until you get the 1,600 gold needed to complete Runic Echoes and avoid buying other incomplete components.

When the Runic Echoes are ready, it will be necessary to focus on the transition from your free Chronometer to a Zhonya Hourglass and in case you need utility, damage or reduction of healing, go to the Rylai Crystal Scepter, Liandry's Torment or Morellonomicon .

If the Spellbook does not work, exchange Runic Echoes for Luden's Echo and follow the same route.

How to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends? - Skills

One of Heimerdinger's abilities allows him to increase his speed when he is near a turret.

Your kit is based on the use of your Q, H-28G Evolution Turret.

The turrets allow lasers capable of producing tons of damage to enemies hit with the turretless abilities of Heimer, Hextech Micro-Rockets and CH-2 electron storm grenade.

The skills work in the following order: max. Q, W, and then E.

The UPGRADE tool will allow you to expand basic skills, improving the Apex H-28Q Turret, the Hextech rocket swarm and CH-3X Lightning Grenade.

Some things you want to keep in mind if you really want to know how to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends are the following:

  • Heimerdinger is better fighting than running away, so it will be worth taking the risk and winning than running away and losing.
  • You can use the turrets as a means of escape and not just as a weapon.
  • Heimerdinger's maximum is always situational, however, Lightning Grenade is the best option by far.
  • Turrets give priority to your ultimate goal of self-attack.
  • Keep in mind that turret laser cooling is the same as animation, so you can produce more damage.

We hope that our guide on how to play with Heimerdinger in League of Legends, will allow you to improve your performance with this relentless scientific champion that you will surely be able to take advantage of in your games.

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