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How to level up in Hunt Showdown

2020-01-28 14:09:40

Rewards are always the most valuable elements we encounter so let's explain how to level up in Hunt Showdown.

Why level up in Hunt Showdown?

In this game we find a series of disadvantages, because, on the one hand we will see ourselves in the occupation of facing a considerable amount of supernatural NPCs, on the other hand, it is necessary to avoid the enemy players, once we have obtained our reward, because this makes knowing how to level up not seem so simple, because it only becomes a little less complex if you follow our advice, because the idea is to become strong.

How to level up by focusing on the outer map in Hunt Showdown?

The exterior map is really a very valuable resource when it comes to knowing how to level up, since it is precisely there where we find some objectives, during the beginning we get with a player, we must eliminate him, because if we allow him to see us first he could simply eliminate us.

In the exterior map we have the possibility of getting some wooden creatures, which we can eliminate by going through them and for that it is fundamental to use a melee weapon, besides, it is interesting to take some NPCs by the side, we could escape when someone banishes the reward and retire with some good experience points, only that they will not be enough and therefore it is fundamental to know how to level up, because it is a requirement to progress in Hunt Showdown

how to level up by finding clues for both rewards in Hunt Showdown?

One of the most attractive ways to get experience points in a hunter that tends to be low level, for this it is ideal not to make any noise when eliminating them, because the longer we last in eliminating the enemies the more noise we will make and therefore it is possible to get with a hunter who wants to reduce the herd.

The hints of the rewards allow us to accumulate experience what represents to rise of level in the blood line, because the hunters and NPC monsters are usually quite strong, and the most complex of the matter is that these hunters also are forced to be for these sides, because they also go in search of the hints of the rewards.

Playing with a partner in Hunt Showdown

Playing as a team may increase the risks, as double enemies can attack us, but it also has its advantages, as we have the opportunity to ensure that both of us can watch our backs, as an extra pair of eyes is feasible, as we have the option to increase the chance of survival.

how to level up by involving players in Hunt Showdown

Eliminating some players in Hunt Showdown can bring us some important benefits, being precisely the experience points, the detail here is to achieve that they don't have a superior level, because if they have it, obviously they will have a strong enough arsenal, better than ours, which results in a challenge, where the panic and the emotion are usually a quite complex mix.

The players are usually taken using the sight and sound, because having some weapon of long range, is phenomenal, because it makes it easy to carry out an ambush, or we can look closely at the surroundings and see some way to distract, so that they can look to a specific direction, even if it involves making more noise, because the record player and the pianos are elements that can alert and here it is necessary to defend ourselves, and cause a blow with a shotgun in the chest a very important detail.

How to level up by executing a tactic in front of the boss in Hunt Showdown?

Fighting with swarms of NPCs can simply give us some experience points, but they are really very few, so we must seek to go further, so we will focus on the boss, but before specifying is ideal to solve some problems, because the bosses are simply terrible and scary creatures.

Bosses have the capacity to show us a real challenge, presenting us with a different situation for each one, because they can be shot by any weapon, and this is a fundamental value, because according to the type of weapon we have we will be able to attack them, taking into account that this really is a complex challenge.

That we should ask ourselves before going for a boss.

  •  Do you think there's someone there?
  •  How many exits will we have to cover?
  •  Can we hear everything while we fight him?

Now that you know how to level up, all you have to do is try and tell us your experience in Hunt Showdown.

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