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Hunt: Showdown: How to Get Blood Bonds easily - Tips and tricks

2020-02-20 08:11:38

There is a Hunt: Showdown guide for you where we will explain how to get blood links easily in a concrete way.

For PS4 there is the recent release of Hunt: Showdown, since it was launched before for other platforms in 2019, I face a complicated development, due to the closure that presented its original study in 2014, this game has had good reviews and they have even been comfortable in General with it, this time we seek to know how to obtain blood links easily, for this reason we have to pay attention to the details that are going to be indicated.

What is Hunt: Showdown about?

A world horror story that mutates people and animals, set in 1890, mutants represent many dangers, when we play we must hunt them, with this we can win blood bonds, which will be useful for us to make improvements to our character and his team, more precise details we will have below.

How to get blood links easily in Hunt: Showdown?

The currency of the game is the blood link, the vision in which we are in this game, is of pure survival, which will be problematic for many of us, to progress in the game we must win the blood links, there are many options to achieve it, from the beginning it has to be a goal for us, the easiest option is to win prizes in a game which will give us the reward managed as follows:

  • Gold: Blood Link x 3
  • Silver: Blood Link x 3
  • Bronze; Blood Link x 1

These rewards depend on the performance of the game, successful extraction by defeating a boss, killing many hunters on the server of the server's cross game, only that it is possible to win the blood links for the first five, being a gold higher gain that several bronzes, completing the master's degrees in the book of Monsters and that of weapons, is another way if we want to win the blood ties, the weekly challenges will also be an option, in these options we will depend more on the planning that exists for these rewards, if the management of them is effective, some benefit can be achieved.

How to use blood links in Hunt: Showdown?

When we already have the blood links won, we can improve our character, in this way we will have the optimum level to face the best conditions to the hunters and horrors that we will have to face throughout the game, the greater amount that we can reaching blood links is 200, with them it is possible to unlock powerful weapons, or also through the store of micritransactions it is also possible to obtain it without having to make so much effort.

In this way we finalize our Hunt: Showdown guide, now we know how to get blood links easily, we just have to enjoy it to the fullest.

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