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Harry Potter Wizards Unite: Fortress Challenge Reward Foundable

2019-07-11 22:54:19

In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite there are already many rare Foundables available that you can hunt. While it is true that many collectible games can be acquired in nature, only certain special funds can be obtained by completing challenges at a nearby Fortress with the correct Runestone. So if you want to get the Foundable reward in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortress Challenge, you've come to the right place, because here we'll show you how to get them.

Fortress Challenge - Harry Potter Wizards Unite

What is the Fortress Challenge? Well when you learn to fight in a Fortress in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you can start winning certain special collectibles. While it is true that the game Harry Potter Wizards Unite does not explain exactly how to acquire each Fundable, the gaming community has created a complete list, as shown below:

Caring for magical creatures

Hagrid's hut
Abraxan Winged Horse
Dark Arts

Knockturn Alley Sign
The tomb of Tom Riddle Sr.
Magic is a statue
Hogwarts School

Hogwarts House Cup
House hourglasses
Owl Lecturn

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    Legends of Hogwarts

    Flying key
    Magician queen of chess
    Copy of the advanced potion of Half-Blood Prince
    Ministry of magic

    Fountain of the Magical Brothers

    Magical Games and Sports

    Quidditch Pitch Stands
    Mysterious artifacts

    Gryffindor Sword
    Wonders of the magical world


    Centaur Arch
    Horned snake egg

    Acromantula Joven Brillante

    Keep in mind that in order to get the Foundables you're looking for, you must have used the Runestone associated with the type of challenge reward you wish to receive.

    Important information about the list of the Foundables in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

    This list may be subject to change, so eventually some of these Foundables could turn to the wild, while other collectibles could turn towards the Fortresses. So keep an eye out for our publications for more updates on the Foundables rewards and the Fortress challenge in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

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