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GTA Online usually keeps us busy, and that is why today we will tell you How to change the name of your organization.

What does it mean to change the name of the organization in GTA Online?

This is a task that is usually favorable to us because it allows us to give this game a more personal touch than it may have until now, this is part of the most recent updates and even when the first time we configure the name of the organization the game gives us a particular name, we are allowed to have the possibility of modifying it and to give you more details about it, bring us this guide.

How to change the name of your organization in GTA Online?

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    This is an activity that involves picking up the phone, agreeing to open the internet application.

    You must enter the main page in order to select Dynasty 8 Executuve.

    You will then need to find the office on the map in order to select Renovate.

    Next, you will be taken to the original page where it is possible to choose the customization options for your organization's office, here you will see a tab that says Organization Name between the sections.

    You must have the amount of 250,000 dollars to make this change, and every time you consider it necessary to change the name you will have to pay the same amount of money.

    This is all we can tell you about How to change the name of your organization, so just follow the instructions offered here in this GTA Online guide.

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