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Our journey through Green Hell continues and therefore we will explain how to cure poison dart frog poisoning.

Where to find poison dart frogs in Green Hell?

These are a type of dangerous animal that usually makes life in this game and that can poison us, these are normally passive animals, but when trying to pick them up they can poison us, eating their meat can also poison us, it is a toxic element, they usually live in the streams and in bodies of water.

How to cure poison dart frog poisoning in Green Hell?

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One of the most important tasks that we must consider in this game is the ability to manage our HP.

The effects of poisoning by this frog usually manifest immediately.

Fever and ailments are the symptoms that we have been poisoned, but they will not be the only ones, to this is usually added lower health, little resistance, hallucinations and dehydration.

Consuming pain relievers to combat fever, in addition to having tobacco leaves and banana lily leaves, allows us to combat poison, with this we manage to recover our health, this is a process that usually occurs little by little.

We must consume the remedies as quickly as possible, this is because allowing time to pass with poisoning can kill us.

  In this sense, knowing how to cure poison dart frog poisoning makes it necessary to have a remedy to get rid of the poison and be able to continue progressing in Green Hell.

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