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Green Hell: How to find the best place to camp?

2019-09-10 20:19:58

With this guide you can get everything you need to find the best place to camp in Green Hell.

In this game you will have to build camps to settle in certain places, it is good to have a precise location that generates comfort and stability to live, now it explains where this can be.

How to find the best place to camp in Green Hell?

The coordinates 45W 31.5S, will take you to the most ideal camping site, this is an oasis, passing through a narrow path will generate a problem to evade enemies, for this reason it is good to place traps, in this place the water It is not recommended for consumption, so you have to look in the reserve to avoid diseases, you can also fish

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    In this area you can find many types of food supplies, such as animals, bananas and nuts, you will also have access to materials that can help you in creating traps or the same camps-

    But not everything can be advantageous, we must know that this sector is located in the southern part of the map, so it will take a long time to get to the other end, here are the natives, this area is essential in some resources you need.

    With this we finish the explanation, you have here where to find the best place to camp in Green Hell, follow these data and you will succeed.

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