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Following the line of Green Hell, in the following article we will teach you how to get iron ore.

What is iron ore in Green Hell?

It is one of the many resources that you can find in the game, it is very important, so knowing how to find it will be useful.

How to get iron ore in Green Hell?

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This ore can be found in small caves in the form of a node, which will usually only give you a lucky piece or two of ore. So it is a resource that we could consider as rare.

In order to collect it, you will have to make a pickaxe using two stones together for the stone blade, then a stick and a rope. When you find an iron node, it can be tricky to attack without hitting the cave walls.

We recommend trying various positions around the node, and keep in mind that the primitive spike breaks quickly, so it might break even before you manage to harvest the node.

That's all you have to know about how to get iron ore in Green Hell, so now that we've reached the end get this ore whenever you need it.

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