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Fortnite Twitter Account Hacked After Controversial World Cup announcements

2019-04-04 23:42:11

The official Twitter account of Fortnite has been hacked.

Many are the negative reviews and complaints that the latest update of Fortnite has had.

The update has greatly raised the level of frustration among fans of the world famous Battle Royale Fortnite videogame. However, one of the disgruntled users of the latest update, has reached more than hacking the official account of Fortnite on Twitter.

Fortnite Update! | Officially Hacked, 8.30 Changes, "Warm Up" Mode!

The fact was perpetrated on April 3, the user who hacked the Fortnite account on Twitter, used his power to become a black hat hacker and publish among other things his dissatisfaction with the update that Epic Games launched the week pass.

The dissatisfaction of the fans comes because they want to play with intact siphons can choose to play in Arena, but the waiting times for this mode have turned out to be less desirable.

Recently the Fortnite content creator known as "Ninja", refused to stand the wait times of Arena mode and went on to play another video game.

Recently Epic Games has also said that the extended resolution will no longer be available.

This option allowed users to extend the image to create a broader FOV in Fortnite. The announcement was made very recently so players who are planning to participate in the Fortnite World Cup will not have much time to adjust to the native resolution. This has ended up unleashing more frustration in the players.

And although Epic did not take long to regain control of the Twitter account and eliminate protest messages posted from the official Fortnite account, this is undoubtedly an act that shows how disgruntled users are about the changes they have made. come doing in the video game.