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Knowing how to win the final round is simply a necessary task that we all set ourselves in Fall Guys, let's see how to achieve it.

What is the final round in Fall Guys?

As we progress in this game we are offered the possibility of learning everything we need, because by now we will know how to avoid obstacles and we will have some interesting resources such as the hammer, but knowing how to win the final round means that we are open to new and great challenges, as we are faced with the possibility of demonstrating exactly what we have learned.

How to win the final round in Fall Guys?

The first thing we must understand is that reaching this point has meant that we have been excellent players, and to get through this round it is necessary:
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    Jump forward.

     This is an interesting technique since it can throw us in front of the other competitors, leaving us clear the way to achieve our goal, because as we progress we understand that knowing how to win the final round is simply part of the skills to defend ourselves, this simply means that we must go in front of a ball that tries to hit the rotating blocks, this allows us to have some time necessary to win, although it is true that only seeing the rotating blocks hit by the ball could make us back off the idea is to consider that there is the possibility of beat us forward and it is an option that we cannot pass up.


     Hexagon disappeared.

     In Fall Guys it is possible to fall into several layers when we are probably in some place that is not indicated at a certain wrong moment, but this does not mean that we cannot ensure victory, because the fact that the hexagons disappear allows us to understand that we are facing a I challenge something more complex because practically the game is round, which makes it a space to get your adrenaline to bloom.


     Time our grip.

     Losing is definitely not the option, we cannot simply have worked hard to get here and not fight to know how to win the final round, this implies we must have the possibility of touching the crown by hitting the grip, since this simply allows us to avoid a possible fall of the conveyor belt.


     Jump on the go.

     Keeping ourselves alive in Fall Guys is simply the most ideal, for this it is not necessary to move at full speed, every time we manage to jump from one piece to another the opportunity opens up to increase our life time, because this task of running, since by this time there may not be many tiles left, the opportunity to completely clear the territory is a necessary task.


     Hammer time.

     Falling on one of these rotating hammers will simply mean our end, so when we get close to them it will be necessary to dodge them, because the idea is to preserve our life as we run through the hammer towards the mountain coma.


     Cut out the competitors.

     Cutting one of the competitors of our own level is undoubtedly a possible option to win, since they will fall into the mud and this allows us to win, for this it is necessary to run ahead of our competitor.



     Spawning a queue and keeping it is simply necessary, because knowing how to win the final round simply allows us to understand that time here plays a crucial role, especially in the second half of the game, which is precisely when the most interesting challenges start.


     Sink to the level.

     Normally we all hope to be at the highest level, however this is not always necessary that it can be like that, because the possibility of going down to a low level allows us to have the option that other players can cross with us.


     There is the possibility of only having one queue but maintaining it is a complex task in Fall Guys, for this it is necessary to apply these strategies if we are truly interested in being the winners.


     Be slow and steady.

     Getting the tail is simply not a speed race, because from the rush we will only have fatigue, so we will be smart and we will seek to locate ourselves exactly in a comfortable place to generate an attack, we just wait a little and we will take by surprise the follower who will come running .


     Create a distraction.

     Definitely knowing how to win the final round is a reward for the work done, the objective here is to run in a direction where you cannot go so that other players run in the wrong direction and this gives us the necessary time to escape, because the The idea is to make the other players lose and thereby achieve the desired victory.

     In this sense, knowing how to win the final round simply allows us to apply all the strategies learned as we progress in Fall Guys.

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