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2021-08-24 09:56:19

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This CSGO guide allows us to explain how to kick bots, let's see.

What are bots in CSGO?

These are a kind of programs that can be annoying to us and that although it is true, they had been thrown away, they may again seem to sour our existence, in this sense, it is usually necessary to know how to kick bots to get to play with due normality, preventing these from joining again.

How to kick bots in CSGO?

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    Fortunately, this does not require more work and can be done on the screen before creating a custom game, however, these can present when we have started a game and in this case it is necessary to consider applying these actions:


    •  Check that our console is activated in our CSGO settings. If not, it is possible to activate it by pressing "~" or by pressing the appropriate key on the console.
    • Next we proceed to write the command 'mp_limitteams 10' which makes the command establish teams of a player or bot.
    • Next we must type 'mp_autoteambalance 0', in order to make the bots stop self-balancing the computers.
    • Next we use 'bot_kick' to remove the bots from the game.
    • Being able to write 'bot_kick' from the beginning allows the bots to continue self-joining the game according to the settings that we have established in our game configuration screen.


     Another option that we can perfectly well apply to kick the bots is usually to write 'bot_kick ct', this command is used for T which means that instead of writing 'ct' we can write 'T'.

     This is all we know about how to kick bots, in such a way that this will allow us to have the possibility to customize our game as we want in CSGO.

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