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Fallout 76 Guide: How to get Vending Machines And An Inflation Tax

2019-05-13 16:29:24

Fallout 76: A bit of context

Fallout 76 is a role-playing role-playing game developed by Bethesda. This belongs to the Fallout saga, and in fact is a prequel to all the other titles of that saga. It is the first multiplayer game of the developer Bethesda.

 Its main story takes place chronologically about 185 years before Fallout 4. Likewise, it explores an open world that has fallen out of favor after events of nuclear war. The plot focuses on "Refugio 76", built during the year 2076 in West Virginia, due to the 300th anniversary of the United States. The refuge was scheduled to be opened as soon as the danger of war and radiation dissipated, giving the settlers the opportunity to repopulate and reestablish themselves in West Virginia, carrying out an event called: Day of Complaint.

Fallout is characterized to a great extent by adopting certain details of the post-war culture of the 50s in the United States, even though the plot develops in the 22nd and 23rd centuries.

Fallout 76 Get to Mount Pleasant Medical Supplies Vending Machine

Vending machines and the inflation tax in Fallout 76

It seems that now Fallout has decided to take the post-war culture of the 50s more seriously, including now economic aspects that generate some impact. Currently, players can sell items they do not want through personal vending machines, however, 10% of the profits they will make will go to the State.

In games you can save yourself from death, but now it seems that even in games you can not save yourself from taxes, and the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76 now confirms this. Even though it seems to lack some kind of government, given that it is full of attackers and a lot of chaos after the nuclear devastation, the governmental systems in charge of the taxes will take more harsh measures.

The patch 9, Wild Appalachia, recently introduced, included personal vending machines, which allows players the advantage of selling items in the desert, to other inhabitants. However, however favorable it may sound, the patch also introduced an inflation tax measure for profits.

Patch 9 Fallout 76: Inflation tax for sales of Vending Machines

In the notes that brought the patch 9 belonging to Fallout 76, in addition to indicating the benefit of the vending machines, also made an indication regarding the not so pleasant news of taxes applied for sales:

- When a player acquires one of your articles, you'll receive a notification. From the sale, only 90% of the price will be added to your capitalization balance, while a 10% rate has been designed to help "maintain the health of the gaming economy and mitigate inflation."

Now, players are allowed to set whatever price they want in the vending machines of other players, thus creating a mecardo in which the same players determine the value for an item. However, 10% of said price will be taken immediately, as a mystery, by the "State" to "maintain the health of the economy" and mitigate inflation "(this unexpected phrase gives some horror).

Fallout Community 76: Inflation Tax Controversy for Sales in Vending Machines

The notes brought by the recent patch 9, Wild Appalachia, in regards to taxes, was not at all pleasant for the Fallout 76 community and although it's currently waiting to see if it works as expected, there has been much controversy in the networks with commentary of the players where they communicate alternatives that you are thinking about implementing.

Some have thought to raise the sale price by 10% to compensate the loss for the new taxes. Other players have taken the decision to go directly to the creator of the tax, so they asked the developer Bethesda to direct the 10% in taxes towards the construction of a wandering Liberty Prime.

If the developer Bethesda has been paying attention to the requests of the players, that is still known. So for now we just have to wait and see if Bethesda has other plans for this 10% in taxes he is taking.

Bonus: The legislation "Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act" that would influence Fortnite (special section)

The present is a "special section" of the article, which is related to the economic-financial issue, touched by the fictitious world of Fallout 76, as well as the video game industry.
Among other news pertaining to the real world in the financial and economic sphere that are generating greater influence in the videogame industry, legislation has now been proposed by a Republican senator in the United States that is aimed at banning loot boxes and micro-transactions in games that are mainly played by minors.

The Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act proposal, of course, is looking to become a law. If this happens, that law could have a big impact on several video games, including the famous Fortnite, which are marketed to both children and adults alike. Without a doubt, it's a law that would generate radical changes.

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