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Neon Abyss is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to beat God of pill.

What should we know about God of pill in Neon Abyss?

The god of the pill has yellow wings as its physical characteristics, it has a large purple iris eye, a blue and yellow button and in the left eye it has a gray button, there is no doubt that throughout the game we will face many bosses rare and this is one of them, the confrontation against it will pass through 2 stages and if we seek to know how to defeat the god of the pill who by the way calls George, we contacted the support of the content to be presented in this guide of hereafter, so we need to follow you closely.

How to beat God of pill in Neon Abyss?

Our focus for the first stage of this fight should be in the kidnappings that this will engender and that will not be much, the shots of this boss will be made of 3 pills that we must avoid and counterattack once we manage to dodge them, once we pass by This reaches the breaking point to take us to the second stage of the fight, having to have the God of pills improve his abilities, having the right character, it is possible to use the mines and the jump function, which It allows to be next to the exploited mines, in reality it is not a time obstacle and what we can overcome quickly.

We can conclude that we understand how to beat God of pill is easier to think about and even more with this information presented here, so it is possible to continue progressing in Neon Abyss.

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