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Angel Marquez
2020-07-16 17:22:42

We invite you to discover how to obtain the beta version in this explanatory guide of Marvel's Avengers with precise details.

What should we know about the beta version of Marvel Avengers?

In solitary or cooperative mode it is possible to play this game, with a maximum of 4 players, here we are going to meet characters that we know in some way, such as Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Captain America, the official launch of the game in its complete is on September 4 but through a beta version it is possible to see in advance some previous facts that the game will bring us, which makes it necessary to understand how to obtain the beta version and this guide will take care of give us the answers, carefully see what it brings us.

How to get the beta version of Marvel Avengers?

Depending on the platform we are on, we will have a different date than the other for the beta release, which should be 3 different ones where we must consider the following:

  • On the PlayStation 4 on August 7 the beta pre-order
  • On Xbox One and PC on August 14 the beta pre-order
  • On the PlayStation 4 on August 14 the open beta
  • Open beta on all platforms on August 21


We can hope that in this beta we have the previous experience of what we bring the full game, here we will have missions of history, cooperative, progression of heroes and the world, explore the areas of war and fall, all these details are Present at a war table on July 29 at 10am PT by Crystal Dynamics, it is possible to access this through the official website of the game, so we will have details of the beta content and more.

Knowing how to get the beta version is interesting, as it allows us to have more knowledge of what is sold in the full game to have fun in Marvel's Avengers.

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