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Guide to learn how to change affiliations in NBA 2K21

 Players will be able to experience a completely new world, full of different attractions due to the update that the neighborhood is having, objectives given by NPCs and the return of Affiliations. As for Affiliations, users will be inserted into one of the four factions at random once they reach a certain rank. However, you may change your Membership after one has been issued to you, if you are interested, this guide is for you!

How to change affiliations in NBA 2K21?

After graduating from Rookieville, players will be assigned to one of four random Affiliations: North Side Knights, South City Vipers, Beasts of the East, or Western Wildcats. Each Affiliation has its own designated districts and courts, something you'll want to take advantage of as MyPLAYER characters can only achieve a full Player Representation by playing on their own territory.
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    If you were not satisfied, you will always have the option to change it, but to do so you must go to the Town Hall of the desired Affiliation and request a transfer.

    In addition, it must be clarified that there is a penalty for changing Affiliation. If you decide to make the change, your Player Representative level will drop to Pro 1 so you must choose your decision very well.

      Now that you know how to change the affiliations in NBA 2K21 you will be able to enjoy a better game in the following missions that are assigned to you in the game. Luck!

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