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Fortnite: How to Complete Grave Mistake Secret Challenge

2020-11-05 06:02:05

Guide to learn how to complete grave mistake secret challenge in Fortnite

 With the new update of Fortnite, new secret challenges have been added that if you manage to complete them you will be able to obtain additional points to obtain your so precious battle passes. This secret challenge is called "Serious Errors" (or Grave Mistake in English), and players who want to complete it will have to pay their respects at a particular statue. If you are not sure how to complete grave mistake secret challenge, do not worry we will help you with it in this guide, stay to know about it!

How to complete grave mistake secret challenge in Fortnite?

First of all we will talk to you in detail about the statues. The statue to visit for the Graves Errors challenge represents a gnome and is located next to a tree north of Slurpy Swamp. They can land directly in the area directly at the start of the game if you want to complete the challenge quickly, and those who do should claim their rewards quickly.

Once you find yourself in the Slurpy Swamp, you simply need to approach the gnome statue and enter the entrance that appears on the screen to pay your respects.
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    Interestingly, that's it! If you do the aforementioned you will see that you can complete this secret challenge, so it is a very easy way to earn 20,000 XP.

    While it's not an eye-catching amount of XP to catapult fans into the higher tiers of the Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass, it's not like they're giving up this chance for easy in-game points.

    In the game update they also added new challenges such as the Stark Industries Jetpack from Fortnite. This device gives players the ability to temporarily take flight and can be useful for quickly escaping or simply scaling a building. That being said, Stark Industries' Jetpack is a bit blocked for its carrying capacity, and fans who aren't careful can take damage after falling a long distance.

    Speaking of the season, perhaps more interesting is that Galactus has changed position and can now be seen over the Ruins point of interest. This move is most likely setting the stage for the season 4 finale event, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the supervillain descend upon the map very soon.

     Now that you know how to
    complete grave mistake secret challenge in Fortnite you will be able to obtain easy points just starting the game in the game, so do not miss this opportunity of XP. Luck!

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