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2020-08-31 12:15:45

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This article is for everyone wondering how to Alley-Oop in NBA 2K21.

What is NBA 2K21?

It is the basketball simulation video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, based on the National Basketball Association. In the video game, one of the best ways to score is by doing an Alley-Oop, so pay attention so you know how to do it.

How to do Alley-Oop in NBA 2K21?

To execute this movement, what you have to do is double-tap the balloon pass button while pressing the left joystick in the direction you want the pass to go, for this you will have to press Triangle on PlayStation, Y on Xbox or X on Nintendo Switch.
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For the move to run smoothly, your teammates will have to be near the basket or moving towards the basket for this to register, or you could end up throwing the ball out of bounds.

When you see the circle under your partner's feet it will be indicative of where the pass will go, in case you disagree simply move the left stick to change players.

  Now that you know how to do Alley-Oop in NBA 2K21, we hope that you will be able to dominate and get the most out of this movement in each game, remember that practicing it will allow you to dominate it more and more.

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