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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-15 17:18:02

More about: Fall Guys

Fall Guys has arrived to occupy us some time and therefore today it is necessary to tell you about the Cheat Island Guide

What is the cheat island in Fall Guys?

  This is nothing more than a place that has been created with the purpose of fighting cheats, because in this fantastic and good-looking place is where the cheats will choose to compete with each other, since their objective is to win a normal trophy, the The only ones who need to worry about this place are the rest cheats, there is nothing that can generate some kind of disturbance.
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What is the Cheat Island Guide in Fall Guys?

 It is important to consider that cheats have been present in the games and this has allowed to take some somewhat complex measures, as this is not something new and is usually seen very regularly to the point that the creators of the games themselves have been seen in the need to have to launch some formidable measures to combat them, but on the contrary Fall Guys has chosen to take a vacation and with it plan the creation of an island dedicated solely to cheats, in the same way a system that usually detects them and sends them to the island to fight to choose a trophy.

 Meeting the Guide of the cheating island is very interesting because it is important to recognize that this game has been tolerant, letting the cheats stop this behavior and be able to adapt to the game perfectly well, but since this did not change they chose to send them to the island , since here if they will have any possibility of reforming, as this happens in a very interesting way, it does not restrict you in play since it is possible that they will see you cheating and let you complete the game but as soon as you go to launch the next one you They send straight to the island, since it is only possible to have around 40 cheats per region and they are located all over the world.

 At first when the island was created it was not as complicated or rigorous as it is now, as there were some cheaters who found a way to escape, as they chose to bend over to friends in order to share the family and thus avoid being labeled.

 Now that you know the Cheat Island Guide you can choose to cheat to fall there and fight for a trophy or continue in a normal and clean way in Fall Guys.

PlayStation 4 PS4, Microsoft Windows
Last man standing, obstacle racing, battle royale
Devolver Digital
Release date:
August 4, 2020
age rating (PEGI):

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