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2020-09-07 08:42:12

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Knowing how to Dunk is one of the most interesting activities that we can carry out in NBA 2K21 and here we will tell you how to achieve it.

What are Dunks in NBA 2K21?

  This is a practice that we can do to demonstrate our skills, to demonstrate the best dunks, the good thing about it is that there is more than one type of dunk so it will only be necessary to execute the sticks and triggers of our control, because it is simply a ability that can have some kind of incidence in relation to the player's statistics.
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How to Dunk NBA 2K21?


 This is a fairly easy action to perform since it is only necessary to use the shoot button being quite close to the bow, for this it is necessary to press the square button while we are playing on PS or the X button on the Xbox.


 There are several types of dunks in NBA 2K21 and they are as follows:


Dunks: For this Dunk it is necessary to have a player with high immersion capacity, as it is one of the most complicated to carry out and to do so it is vital to press RT and hold the right stick.


 Two-handed Dunk: This is another type of Dunk that we can execute and to execute it it is necessary to press and hold RT and press the right thumb up.


 Out-of-Hand Dunk or Dominant
Dunk: This is a dunk that requires pressing RT and the thumb to the left or right.


 To know how to Dunk it is necessary to consider:

  •  There is no need to force dunks as it is a fairly realistic game that allows us to do them without much concern.
  • Forcing a dunk can be a mistake because we can fail in the attempt achieving the loss of the ball in the air.
  • It is not possible to Dunk with all players.

 Now that you know how to Dunk, it's time to try it, because NBA 2K21 definitely allows us to enjoy the giants deposit in all its splendor.