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In the following article we will tell you where to find the creator's tears area in Narita Boy.

 What is the creator's tears area in Narita Boy?

This is an early area of the game, being the first time the game tests you. In this area you will be able to encounter various types of enemies, switches located in areas you might expect. To make things easier for you, we have pre-graded everything about where to find the creator's tears area in Narita Boy.
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    Where to find the creator's tears area in Narita Boy?

    When accessing the area from your short climb, you will have to advance on your right until you reach the Alpha Tesseract, where you will have to face some effortless enemies.

    Continue forward until you find a building you can enter, and you'll have to make sure to check the blue keypad symbol. Then you will have to press the switch to unlock the other building.

    The Beta Tesseract is on the left side, but as you progress you will have to check the quantum meter, which you can't use yet. Advance to the right to find other enemies and when you finish you will be in another building with a friendly toad.

    Use the yellow toad face symbol and make sure to go through the building to find the next switch and go through the building for the second switch.

    For the code piece, you will need to go back to the quantum meter, you may come across a new red portal, where inside will be the last piece of the quantum meter code, so make a note of it before moving on.

     Now that you know where to find the creator's tears area in Narita Boy, you will have to go back to the quantum meter and place the code you gathered and be able to advance.

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