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Learn the best strategies for acquiring granite quickly and How To Get Granite in My Time at Sandrock.

Welcome to My Time at Sandrock, where the Valley of Whispers holds a treasure trove of valuable resources, including granite. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of locating granite nodes, mining them, and utilizing the materials for various crafting purposes. So grab your pickhammer and get ready to embark on a rewarding mining adventure!

How To Get Granite in My Time at Sandrock

Locating Granite Nodes:

Granite nodes can be found in the Valley of Whispers, which is situated to the east and northeast of the main town. Keep an eye out for the blue Pickhammer icon on your map near the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins, as it indicates the presence of granite nodes in the area.

Reaching the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins:

To reach the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins, head southeast from the railroad tracks until you reach the majestic Grand Mesa. Take a detour around the mesa to find the entrance of the Mole Cave Abandoned Ruins.

Mining Granite Nodes:

Once you've reached a granite node, interact with it to start the mining process. Grab your trusty pickhammer and get ready to swing! Successfully mining a granite node will reward you with up to four granites and two crystals.

Clearing the Valley of Whispers:

Before you can fully explore the Valley of Whispers and mine granite nodes without any hindrances, you'll need to complete the "Clear the Air" quest. This quest involves eliminating the toxic gas that permeates the valley, making it safe for you to roam freely. Follow the quest objectives to complete the task and enjoy your mining adventures without the risk of toxic gas exposure.

Unlocking The Suit Recipe:

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To enhance your mining capabilities in My Time at Sandrock, it's crucial to unlock The Suit recipe. This special suit is specifically designed for mining granite nodes and will greatly increase your efficiency. You can unlock The Suit recipe by completing the main quest "The Missing Leak." Once unlocked, you'll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of mining granite nodes.

Crafting Materials Needed:

To craft The Suit, you'll need the following materials:

  • Canvas: Gather canvas by processing plant fibers in your workshop. Plant fibers can be easily obtained by harvesting grass and other vegetation in the surrounding areas.
  • Fiber Mesh: Fiber mesh is crafted using a Fiber Machine. Simply place plant fibers into the Fiber Machine and wait for the machine to process them into fiber mesh.
  • Plastic Shell: Plastic shells can be obtained by processing plastic bottles in the Recycling Machine. Collect plastic bottles from various sources, such as trash cans or by purchasing them from the marketplace.
  • Heated Glass: Heat sand in the Industrial Furnace to obtain heated glass. Sand is a common resource found in the desert, which can be acquired by mining sandstone nodes.

Utilizing Granite:

Granite can serve multiple purposes in My Time at Sandrock gameplay. Here are two primary ways you can utilize granite:

  • Crafting Granite Tiles: Using a Civil Furnace, you can transform granite into beautiful Granite Tiles. These tiles can be used to enhance your building projects, adding a touch of elegance and durability to your structures. Get creative and incorporate granite tiles into your home, workshop, or any other building you desire.
  • Refining into Crystals and Agates: Granite can also be refined into valuable crystals and agates using the Ore Refinery. Simply gather ten granites and place them in the Ore Refinery to obtain refined materials. These crystals and agates can be used for various crafting purposes or sold for a handsome profit.

Congratulations! You now have a friendly guide to acquiring granite in My Time at Sandrock. By following this guide, you are well-equipped to embark on your mining adventures and make the most out of this valuable resource. Remember to complete the "Clear the Air" quest to explore the Valley of Whispers safely and maximize your granite mining potential. Happy mining!

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