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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to unlock Mark of the Survivor camo in MW3.

The exciting world of Modern Warfare 3 offers a large number of camouflages that will allow you to show off those skills with the most impressive and exclusive cosmetics, so obtaining them should become one of your main objectives. Among all the camouflages, Mark of the Survivor tends to stand out, which offers you a unique design that will make you even more excited about the game.

You must keep in mind that obtaining it will not be entirely easy, since it is in a specific mode. So, if you want to know how you can obtain this rare but beautiful camouflage gem, keep reading and join us.

How to unlock Mark of the Survivor camo in MW3

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Preparation is Paramount:

  • Weapon Selection: The RGL-80 launcher equipped with explosive grenades is a formidable choice due to its exceptional crowd-clearing capabilities in MW3 Zombies. 
  • Ammo Mod Selection: Specific ammo modifications are required to activate the obelisks that open the Unstable Rift. Refer to a comprehensive guide for detailed instructions on locating and activating these obelisks.

Conquering the Unstable Rift:

  • Teamwork Enhances Success: While a solo attempt is possible, tackling the Unstable Rift with a coordinated team significantly increases your chances of survival.
  • Wave Management: Brace yourself for five increasingly difficult waves of relentless zombies and mini-bosses. Strategically reserve your Killstreaks for the notoriously challenging final wave. You'll also have the opportunity to acquire additional Killstreaks from strategically placed Reward Rifts within the Unstable Rift.

Claiming Your Reward:

  • Mark of the Survivor Bestowed: Upon successfully completing the fifth wave, you'll be awarded the coveted Mark of the Survivor camo.
  • Reduced Cooldowns: An added benefit of conquering the Unstable Rift is a reduction in cooldowns for your insured weapons and schematics, allowing you to tackle another zombies challenge sooner.

Equipping Your Trophy:

  • Navigate to Gunsmith: Access the Gunsmith customization menu and select the "Events" section within the camo options to equip your hard-earned Mark of the Survivor camo.

This is everything you need to know about How to unlock Mark of the Survivor camo in MW3, following this guide it will surely be much easier for you to unlock this incredible cosmetic that will undoubtedly make your experience more fun and exciting. You will only need to follow the instructions provided, all while enjoying the adventures that MW3 has for you.

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