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Enhance your How to strafe in Modern Warfare 3 by learning effective strafing techniques.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to strafe like a pro in Modern Warfare 3! Strafing is a vital technique that involves moving sideways while aiming and shooting at your target. In this blog post, we'll cover everything you need to know about strafing, including its benefits, recommended loadouts, and helpful tips for specific challenges. So grab your weapons and let's dive right in!

How to strafe in Modern Warfare 3

Understanding the Basics of Strafing:

In Modern Warfare 3, strafing can be executed using keyboard and mouse keys or the left analog stick on your controller. Whether you prefer aiming down sights or hip firing, strafing adds an extra layer of movement to your gameplay, making you a harder target to hit. This technique is especially useful for camos that require hipfire strafing kills.

Strafing is all about staying mobile while engaging your opponents. It allows you to dodge incoming bullets, confuse your enemies, and maintain your accuracy during intense firefights. By moving sideways, you make it harder for enemies to track your movements, giving you an advantage in gunfights.

Optimize Your Loadout with Stalker Boots:

To enhance your strafing capabilities, consider equipping Stalker Boots as part of your loadout. These boots not only increase strafe speed but also decrease aim down sights (ADS) time, giving you a distinct advantage during intense firefights. They are particularly effective when attempting penetration kills and collateral kills.

Stalker Boots are a game-changer when it comes to strafing. They allow you to move swiftly while maintaining your accuracy, making it harder for your opponents to hit you. Combined with the right weapon attachments, Stalker Boots can significantly improve your strafing gameplay.

The DG-58 LSW Challenge:

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When tackling the DG-58 LSW strafe kills challenge, it's essential to make some adjustments to your weapon attachments. Prioritize attachments that reduce aim down sights time and minimize recoil. By doing so, you'll have better control over your weapon while executing precise strafe kills.

The DG-58 LSW challenge requires you to get kills while strafing. To excel in this challenge, it's important to have a weapon setup that suits your playstyle. Attachments such as a grip or a muzzle brake can help reduce recoil, allowing for more accurate shots while strafing. Additionally, a quickdraw handle attachment can help you aim down sights faster, giving you an edge in fast-paced gunfights.

Choosing the Right LMG for Hipfire Kills:

Strafing kills from the hip require a more accurate Light Machine Gun (LMG). Look for an LMG that offers improved accuracy and stability, as these qualities will significantly boost your chances of successfully landing those hipfire shots.

When it comes to hipfire kills, having a stable and accurate LMG is crucial. The L86 LSW, for example, offers great stability and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for strafing hipfire kills. Pair it with attachments like a laser sight or a grip to further enhance your accuracy while strafing.

Utilize Vertical Cover to Your Advantage:

Strafing can also be utilized effectively when peeking out from behind vertical cover. By incorporating Stalker Boots into your loadout, you'll have increased maneuverability and a greater chance of catching your opponents off guard.

Vertical cover is your best friend when it comes to strafing. Use it to your advantage by quickly peeking out, landing shots on your targets, and then retreating back behind cover. The combination of strafing and vertical cover can make you a difficult target to hit while allowing you to deal damage to your opponents.

Congratulations! You now have a solid understanding of strafing in Modern Warfare 3. Remember to practice this technique regularly to master it and gain an edge over your opponents. Whether it's for camo challenges or general gameplay, strafing will undoubtedly elevate your skills and make you a formidable force on the battlefield. So go out there and dominate the game with your newfound strafing prowess!

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