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Discover the Best Longbow loadout for Modern Warfare 3 and dominate the battlefield with precision and power.

Welcome to our friendly guide where we will walk you through the best loadout for the Longbow in Modern Warfare 3. With a combination of powerful attachments, effective perks, and strategic equipment choices, you'll be well-equipped to take on your opponents and come out victorious. So, let's dive into the details!

Best Longbow loadout for Modern Warfare 3


The right attachments can make a world of difference when it comes to maximizing the performance of your Longbow. Here are some of the top choices:

  • HMRES Mod Suppressor: This attachment not only obscures your shots, making it harder for your opponents to pinpoint your location, but it also boosts bullet velocity. This increased velocity ensures that your shots hit your target with greater precision, giving you a significant advantage on the battlefield.
  • XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop: In fast-paced battles, agility is key. This attachment increases your movement speed, allowing you to stay nimble and maneuver quickly, giving you the upper hand in gunfights.
  • KV Factory Stock: One of the challenges of using a long-range weapon like the Longbow is managing recoil. The KV Factory Stock attachment provides better control over recoil, resulting in improved accuracy and making it easier for you to hit your targets consistently.
  • SA-M Quickbolt: When it comes to sniper rifles, timing is crucial. The SA-M Quickbolt attachment reduces the time between bullets, allowing for faster follow-up shots. This is especially useful when faced with multiple enemies or when you need to quickly eliminate a high-value target.
  • 10 Round Mags: While the Longbow may not have the same rate of fire as other long-range weapons, it can still compete against them. The 10 Round Mags attachment adds extra speed to the Longbow, making it more competitive in situations where you need to engage multiple enemies quickly.


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Choosing the right perks can greatly enhance your gameplay and give you an edge over your opponents. Here are some recommended perks to complement your Longbow loadout:

  • Infantry Vest: Survivability is crucial on the battlefield. The Infantry Vest perk not only provides increased protection but also allows for slicker movement. This combination ensures that you can withstand enemy fire while maintaining your agility, making you a formidable force to be reckoned with.
  • Commando Gloves: Reloading your weapon while sprinting is essential for staying in the action and never leaving yourself vulnerable. The Commando Gloves perk allows you to do just that, ensuring that you're always ready for the next engagement.
  • Stalker Boots: Quickscoping is an art that requires both mobility and speed. The Stalker Boots perk improves your mobility and aim-down-sight speed, allowing you to master the art of quickscoping. This perk is especially useful when engaging enemies at close to medium range, where quick reflexes are crucial.
  • Tac Mask: Close-quarters combat can be intense, and flash grenades are a common tool used by opponents to disorient you. The Tac Mask perk minimizes the effects of flash grenades, giving you an upper hand in close-quarters combat. With reduced disorientation, you can quickly regain your focus and take down your enemies.

Equipment Choices:

Having the right equipment can be the difference between success and failure on the battlefield. Here are some recommended choices to complement your Longbow loadout:

  • Trophy System (Field Equipment): Completing tasks efficiently is crucial, and the Trophy System is an essential tool to have by your side. It destroys enemy grenades and projectiles, keeping you and your teammates safe from explosive damage. With this equipment choice, you can focus on your sniping and eliminate your opponents without worrying about incoming explosives.
  • Breacher Drones: Clearing rooms swiftly and effectively is essential, especially when faced with opponents who may be hiding or camping. Breacher Drones are the perfect equipment choice for this situation. They can be deployed to breach and clear rooms, catching opponents off guard and giving you a significant advantage.
  • Flash Grenades: Creating tactical advantages is key to dominating the battlefield, and flash grenades are an excellent tool for achieving this. By momentarily blinding your enemies, you create opportunities to flank, reposition, or take down opponents while they're disoriented. Flash grenades can be a game-changer in close-quarters combat situations.

With this friendly guide at your disposal, you now have all the knowledge needed to create a formidable Longbow loadout in Modern Warfare 3. Remember to experiment with different strategies and adapt to each situation on the battlefield. The right attachments, perks, and equipment choices can make all the difference when it comes to dominating your opponents. Good luck out there, and may your arrows always find their mark!

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