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Discover the ultimate strategy to How to find the Megabomb in Modern Warfare 3 zombies and dominate the undead hordes.

Welcome, fellow gamers, to another exciting blog post where we dive into the world of Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Today, we will be discussing one of the most sought-after and powerful weapons in the game, the Megabomb. This explosive device holds immense significance in defeating the Mega Abomination, a formidable boss that players encounter during their zombie-filled adventures. In this guide, we will explore various strategies, weapons, and power-ups that will help you find and effectively utilize the Megabomb to overcome this menacing foe.

How to find the Megabomb in Modern Warfare 3 zombies

Strengthen Your Arsenal:

As you venture into battle against the Mega Abomination, it is essential to have a strong arsenal at your disposal. Utilizing bullets and the Napalm Ammo Mod can significantly increase your damage output over time. The Napalm Ammo Mod, in particular, inflicts additional fire damage to enemies, making it a valuable asset in your fight against the Megabomb. Additionally, remember to bring friends and extra ammo to the battlefield. The Mega Abomination is known for its aggression, and having allies by your side and a surplus of ammunition will ensure you are always prepared for its relentless attacks.

Watch Out for Deadly Attacks:

The Mega Abomination possesses several devastating attacks that can quickly wipe out even the most skilled players. Two attacks, in particular, demand your utmost attention: its charge and electric beam attacks. When the boss charges at you, it can cause massive damage and knock you off your feet. Pay close attention to its movements and be prepared to seek cover to avoid being caught off guard. The electric beam attack is equally dangerous, as it can inflict heavy damage over a wide area. To survive this perilous assault, quickly identify cover or evade the attack altogether by utilizing your agility.

Baiting Strategies:

In the intense battles against the Megabomb, it is crucial to have a tactical advantage. One effective strategy is to lure the boss across bridges or into tight spaces. By doing so, you can restrict its movement and create opportunities for strategic attacks. Additionally, utilizing nearby buildings or seeking shelter can offer protection and allow you to regroup and plan your next move. Remember, the Megabomb is relentless, so exploiting its weaknesses by baiting it into advantageous positions can make all the difference in your victory.

Expensive but Powerful Options:

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Juggernaut Killstreak:

One option that comes at a hefty price but packs a punch is the Juggernaut killstreak. Purchasing this killstreak for 10,000 Essence grants you an armored suit and a formidable minigun. The Juggernaut suit significantly increases your survivability, allowing you to withstand more damage from the Megabomb's relentless assaults. Additionally, the minigun offers an immense firepower advantage, giving you the upper hand in your battle against this formidable enemy.

Sentry Gun:

Another option worth considering is acquiring a Sentry Gun. This powerful automated weapon can be a game-changer during encounters with the Megabomb. It provides additional damage output and can help control the enemy's movement, giving you an advantage in the fight. Although it may not offer the same level of protection as the Juggernaut suit, the Sentry Gun can be a valuable asset in your arsenal when used strategically.

Affordable Power-Ups:


While the Juggernaut killstreak and Sentry Gun offer potent options, they come at a significant cost. For players on a tighter budget, there are affordable power-ups known as Perk-A-Colas that provide various advantages. Jugger-Nog, for example, increases your health, allowing you to withstand more damage. Speed Cola enhances your reloading speed, ensuring you can keep up the fight without interruption. Deadshot Daiquiri improves your accuracy, making it easier to land critical shots. Prioritize these Perk-A-Colas based on your preferred playstyle and adapt them to your strategy against the Megabomb.

Congratulations, brave gamers! You have now been equipped with the knowledge and strategies necessary to find and utilize the Megabomb effectively in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. Remember to strengthen your arsenal with bullets and the Napalm Ammo Mod, and always bring friends and extra ammo to stay prepared for the Mega Abomination's aggression. Be vigilant during its deadly attacks, seeking cover when needed. Utilize baiting strategies to create tactical advantages during the battle. Consider the expensive but powerful options of the Juggernaut killstreak and Sentry Gun, as well as the more affordable Perk-A-Colas. By approaching battles with the Megabomb strategically and utilizing your resources wisely, you will increase your chances of success. Experiment, adapt, and develop personalized strategies to become the ultimate zombie-slaying champion. Happy hunting!

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